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BYD donated and delivered the first batch of overseas purchased medical materials! N95 masks rushed to five hospitals in Shenzhen

release date: Source: BYD forklift

at present, the situation of "covid-19" epidemic prevention and control is still serious, and the shortage of medical materials in many "Anti Japanese War" hospitals has not been solved. On February 13, the first batch of protective materials purchased by the group from overseas arrived successfully. This batch of N95 masks were donated to Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital, Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, Shenzhen Children's Hospital, Longgang Central Hospital and other anti epidemic departments at the first time, alleviating the urgent need for the front line

"this is a very precious gift for us." At the short donation ceremony held on the morning of the 13th, Zhang Tianfeng, the representative of the donated hospital and the president of Shenzhen Longgang Central Hospital, said

Wang Tao, Secretary of the Party committee of Shenzhen Hospital of Peking University, also said that he was grateful to BYD, an enterprise with national enthusiasm and national interests. The masks donated by BYD are the materials urgently needed by the hospital at present. At the same time, he also expressed his admiration to BYD for giving full play to its technical advantages to aid the production of masks during the critical period

the five hospitals donated by the group at this fixed point undertake important Anti Japanese War tasks, so that the fixture can be connected with the machine. At the early stage of the outbreak, Peking University Shenzhen hospital immediately launched an emergency plan, restarted the fever clinic, and formed a clinical treatment expert group to receive and treat patients with fever. Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, as a hospital for the centralized treatment of confirmed patients with pneumonia infected by covid-19, has become the main battlefield of the city's epidemic prevention experiment schedule, which can be customized according to demand

during the "anti epidemic" war, medical personnel built the first line of defense for Shenzhen, which was in good order under the continuous spread of the epidemic. In fact, various enterprises represented by BYD also actively participated in the war of resistance through various forms, and also shouldered the important task of prevention and control in this pandemic examination

on January 28, the Group donated 10million yuan to Hubei Charity Federation through BYD charity foundation to support epidemic prevention. Then it was announced again that the group's overseas branches would coordinate foreign resources and purchase epidemic prevention and control materials such as N95 masks worth 1 million, so as to provide necessary help and support for medical staff fighting in the front line of the epidemic, public transport practitioners and volunteers serving passengers and medical staff

the N95 masks "grabbed" by BYD Brazil branch carpet sweeping arrived at Pingshan headquarters on the afternoon of February 12

these masks donated and distributed on February 13 are really hard won

the person in charge of the group's mask donation said that when receiving the first procurement task, the group took advantage of the convenience of overseas companies to sweep the goods around the world, which experienced twists and turns and an extremely tense procurement process

the person in charge introduced for example that in Finland, because it was necessary to confirm and verify the relevant licenses of imported materials, a batch of locked materials was intercepted within one hour; In the United States, after the order is placed and the delivery date is determined, the supplier informs that the inventory is out of stock; In India, on January 31, the official of the General Administration of foreign trade of India issued a notice announcing that the export of masks, protective clothing and other personal protective equipment was prohibited. The group had ordered tens of thousands of N95 masks for transportation flights, which instantly came to naught...

in Brazil, in order to prevent the ordered masks from being cut off, the Brazilian branch company and its people drove for more than ten hours continuously, escorting the masks from the supplier's factory back to the Brazilian branch company, BYD Brazil Thermal insulation materials for employees of domestic companies refer to materials or material complexes used for building enclosure or thermal equipment, and resistance to heat flow transmission. The work day and night connection, this batch of valuable materials finally arrived at the group headquarters on February 12, dropped bags to provide different color and material development plans for an, and smoothly distributed to the anti epidemic front

it is gratifying that tens of thousands of sets of medical protective clothing, the second batch of protective materials to be donated by the group, have also been purchased and are waiting for flight delivery

in fact, in addition to caring donations, the group has more "hard core" anti epidemic means. On February 8, the Group officially announced that the production of masks and disinfectants has entered the production process and is expected to be mass produced and shipped before and after February 17. By the end of February, the production capacity of masks can reach 5million pieces/day and the production capacity of disinfectants can reach 50000 bottles/day until the epidemic situation is alleviated and eliminated

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