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BASF produced the first batch of new polyurethane aerogel samples

BASF is producing the first batch of new slentite Pu aerogel samples in Germany. This new high-performance thermal insulation material uses a polyurethane aerogel as the base material. The large-scale plate made of it will be tested for performance first, and then provided to selected partners. Slentite combines all the major properties of forward-looking insulation materials required for new construction projects and renovation projects

architects, designers and owners are constantly looking for new materials that can not only effectively insulate heat, but also provide a lot of design freedom. The new high-performance thermal insulation materials introduced by BASF provide new possibilities for the insulation technology of the construction industry in the future

large plates made of polyurethane aerogel can not only provide efficient heat insulation, but also save space. Slentit must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. E's thermal conductivity reaches 17mw/m • K, achieving an average annual growth rate of 27.6%, which provides the best thermal insulation effect of mechanical strength plates. This high-performance product is especially suitable for interior design applications, providing architects with enough design freedom. At the same time, it has very little space demand, and has excellent humidity regulation ability to create a comfortable indoor temperature. This board can be treated without dust and processed in the same way as traditional building products

as the market construction manager and the person in charge of the launch of slentite products, Knut Hoffmann summed up slentite's achievements: "thanks to its comprehensive performance, slentite helps regulate the indoor climate and opens new opportunities for the construction industry to meet future challenges. The start-up of the pilot plant is an important milestone and lays the foundation for the launch of products in the next few years."

Marc Fricke, slentite project manager, said, "with the completion and operation of the pilot plant, we have achieved an important goal and will soon start to provide samples to selected partners. At present, we are developing a large-scale mass production process."

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