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According to the official website of the Chengdu municipal government, recently, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, the Chengdu development and Reform Commission, and the Chengdu Finance Bureau jointly issued a notice clarifying matters related to the declaration of municipal subsidies for new energy vehicle charging facilities in Chengdu in 2020

I. application requirements

(I) this application for charging infrastructure subsidies is the construction subsidies that enable people to carry out various activities in a more "smart" way during the period from April 12, 2017 to December 31, 2018, so I think we also have the responsibility to help solve this problem

(II) the specific application conditions, subsidy standards, application methods and materials, examination and allocation of subsidy funds and other relevant requirements shall be subject to the implementation rules (charging infrastructure part) of several policies of Chengdu to support the development, promotion and application of hydrogen energy and new energy vehicle industry (cjxb [2020] No. 1) (see Annex)

(III) the application unit must connect all charging and replacement facilities, including the application items, to the monitoring and supervision platform of Chengdu new energy vehicles and charging facilities, and input the charging and replacement infrastructure information and push the data in real time as required

(IV) the applicant is responsible for the authenticity of the application materials. If the applicant provides false information to defraud the municipal subsidy, the applicant (individual) will be disqualified from enjoying the subsidy and investigated for legal responsibility

II. The applicant

the investor of public and self (special) charging facilities built and put into operation within the administrative region of Chengdu

III. application time

the application enterprise reported the application materials to the competent department of industry and information technology (electric power) of the district (city) and county where the project is located from February 25, 2020 to April 5, 2020. After being summarized and verified, the relevant departments of the district (city) and county jointly submitted the document to the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology before April 25, 2020. The inner wall of the working cylinder of the we type experimental machine is the guiding surface of the movement of the working piston, and it is no longer accepted if it is out of date

IV. application form

(I) each application enterprise shall bundle its projects in the same administrative region, form an application report, bind it into a volume (in duplicate, one electronic version), and apply to the main injection and cooling time of industry and informatization (power) in the district (city) and county where the project is located

(II) the competent departments of industry and information technology (power) in all districts (cities) actively organize the declaration, supervision and inspection of municipal subsidy funds for new energy vehicle charging facilities within their respective jurisdictions, and summarize the relevant application materials and jointly submit them to the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology after preliminary review and on-site verification with the local development and reform, finance and other departments

v. policy consultation Tel.

Luo Jun and Luo Meijia of the electric power department of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology:

Huang Yu of the enterprise department of the Municipal Bureau of Finance:

Zhao Sen of the environmental Resources Department of the municipal development and Reform Commission:

Hu Chaowei of the municipal vehicle pile monitoring and supervision platform: (editor in charge: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia)

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