The first batch of pilot units of national standar

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The first batch of pilot units of national standard verification and inspection points have been published

Abstract: in recent years, standards, as an important basis for production and business activities and an important carrier for the development of human science and technology, have been highly valued by the government and the public. The work of standard test verification and compliance testing is of great significance to improve the life cycle management level of national standards. It is an important measure to deepen the reform of standardization work. The construction of national standard verification and inspection points is an important starting point to promote the supply side reform of standards and improve the applicability and effectiveness of standards

on July 17, 2017, the National Standardization Administration issued the notice of the office of the National Standards Commission on Issuing the pilot of the first batch of national standard verification, inspection and testing points (bwbz [2017] No. 122), which officially announced that it included China Textile Standard Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd., China Household Appliances Research Institute The first batch of pilot units with a total of 20 standard verification points, including SGS-CSTC standard technical services Co., Ltd., are high-quality lists

the scope of pilot verification services includes: mandatory standards, recommended national standards, industrial standards and local standards formulated by the government, as well as international and foreign advanced standards adopted by China, international standards formulated by China, and verification services for group standards and enterprise standards independently formulated by the market

the pilot work cycle is from the notice to December 31, 2017. After the pilot is completed, the National Standards Commission will organize assessment and acceptance in the low-temperature area, and the units that pass the assessment and acceptance will be approved to be set up as formal standard verification points

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