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On December 8, 2017, the third China (Jining) brand economy annual meeting with the theme of "brand leadership, innovative development" was held. More than 500 guests and leaders from the development research center of the State Council, China industry news, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Shandong Economic and Information Commission, and Jining Municipal government, as well as representatives of key enterprises from all counties and cities attended the meeting

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at the conference, a licensing ceremony was held for the first 10 representative units shortlisted for the "ten hundred thousand" brand cultivation pilot, such as Shantui Co., Ltd. The heating device is made of plastic in the external heating cylinder, which aims to guide the machinery manufacturing industry led by Shantui Co., Ltd. and the coal industry to be selected as the pilot industry cluster to reduce production capacity through the "ten hundred thousand" brand cultivation project, accelerate resource integration, improve product quality, and establish brand cognitive value and brand loyalty among target customers; Improve the level of product informatization, intelligence and comfort; Promote the development of industrial clusters and realize the transformation and upgrading of the machinery manufacturing industry

licensing ceremony

Shantui Co., Ltd. was shortlisted as the first batch of "ten hundred thousand" brand cultivation units, which fully reflects the comprehensive strength and strong brand influence of the enterprise in the construction machinery industry. Shantui will be able to print highly complex components with actual PU materials, take on the important task of brand cultivation, take innovation as the core and quality as the focus, constantly improve the level of production and operation management, provide users with better products and services, give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, and make great strides from a national industrial brand to an international leading enterprise brand

the first batch of "ten hundred thousand" brand cultivation pilot enterprises selected by shanpushi

this annual meeting is a specific action to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and a series of brand construction strategic deployment of the Central Committee; It is a specific measure to speed up the transformation of new and old drivers, implement the strategy of strengthening the province by brand, and realize the high-end production of unlicensed cement by brand; It is a new starting point to further promote the "ten hundred thousand" brand cultivation project, create a "good Jining" brand, and promote "Jining manufacturing" to move towards high-end and the world

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