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This year, the new trend of moon cake health + environmental protection has become the key word

excessive packaging is inappropriate. Wangweili, director of the Institute of culture, Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the Mid Autumn Festival is China's intangible cultural heritage, and moon cake is an important symbol of the mid autumn Festival. The packaging of moon cakes is a kind of business behavior of merchants, hoping to earn more profits at a small cost, but this runs counter to the general trend of advocating environmental protection and saving. Over packaging is one of the adverse factors that affect the return of moon cakes to traditional festival food and the happiness of ordinary people in the Mid Autumn Festival. Therefore, it is inappropriate for the company to show some products that can not meet the needs of customers. Now the simple packaging seems to be a kind of progress. The phenomenon of excessive packaging of moon cakes has been greatly reduced, which is a return of the value of moon cakes as a traditional food of the Mid Autumn Festival and a manifestation of progress

the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and all kinds of moon cakes have appeared in major stores. Moon cakes are eaten every year. What are the differences this year? Recently, when I visited several representative supermarkets in the city, I found that the health and environmental protection theme of moon cakes has been paid more and more attention by merchants, the development of new varieties has increased, and the phenomenon of excessive packaging is rare

"These vehicles will need the internal control space of GAC motor GS5 to be full of avant-garde technology genes and more customized special chemicals to meet the needs of lightweight. Fruit moon cakes are popular.

the moon cake counter on the second floor of China Resources Vanguard Yitian store is placed in a very prominent position. Miss Li, the promoter, told me that these moon cakes had been on the shelves on August 11, and there are still a lot of customers at present. The relevant person in charge of China Resources Vanguard purchasing department said that in August this year Tea moon cakes, mashed potato moon cakes, crystal moon cakes, etc. have been added to the variety of cakes. Merchants pay more and more attention to the theme of health. Ms. Yin, a moon cake promoter at Wal Mart Jingtian store, confirmed this statement. Now people pay more attention to their health when eating moon cakes and demand more variety. Ms. Yin said that the traditional sweet and greasy moon cakes are becoming increasingly unpopular in Shenzhen, while green and healthy moon cakes such as some fruits and MaRong sell very well. At the same time, this new love for moon cakes has also spread outside Shenzhen. Miss Zhang, a customer, told her that she would send moon cakes to her hometown in Hebei every Mid Autumn Festival. She was afraid that the elderly would eat too many sweets, so she bought fruit moon cakes every year. There are not as many moon cakes at home as here. Send them home for the old man to taste. Miss Zhang said. A certain brand of moon cake this year launched a new crystal moon cake, which became the key recommendation of the promoters. See, there are 8 crystal mooncakes in a group, which are crystal clear and exquisite. Miss Li, the person in charge of promotion, told me that although this kind of crystal moon cake is also made of fruit, it has not been baked. Cantonese pay attention to light and are afraid of getting burned. This kind of unbaked moon cake will not produce a lot of heat after eating. Miss Li said that other brands of moon cakes have similar practices

iron box packaging reproduction

as a necessary gift for relatives and friends, merchants often make a big fuss on moon cake packaging. Miss Wang, a consumer, told me that before, there were even brands that were packed in wooden boxes. The surface was very beautiful, but the smell of chemical adhesives could be smelled from a distance. Such moon cakes are definitely unhealthy. Miss Wang said. In addition, after eating the moon cake, the exquisite packaging box has become a pity to discard. This phenomenon has also been criticized by some consumers who pay attention to frugality and environmental protection. Mr. Weng, a citizen, said that he saw some exquisite packaging boxes in a shopping mall, which were several times more expensive than the moon cakes themselves. Every step from design to packaging is piled up with money. If only one set of three corner loading devices could be used to improve the quality of the moon cake itself. Mr. Weng sighed

as for excessive packaging, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China also issued an urgent notice on August 13 this year, requiring local quality and technical supervision departments to carry out special law enforcement inspection on excessive packaging of moon cakes nationwide from now until the Mid Autumn Festival. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) stipulates that those who over package or illegally tie in other commodities shall be prohibited from leaving the factory and ordered to rectify. For this provision, the relevant person in charge of Carrefour said that when selecting products, it was also taken into account that most of the moon cakes sold in the supermarket were mainly packaged in reusable iron boxes or simple gift boxes. Ms. Yin, a Wal Mart promoter, also said that she has been selling moon cakes for many years. This year's moon cake packaging is obviously simpler than previous years, and there are more iron box packaging. It was also noted in several supermarkets that the overly gorgeous packaging was indeed invisible. Ms. Jiang from the public relations department of China Resources Vanguard is symmetrical. Last year, China Resources Vanguard launched a moon cake box recycling activity. After the Mid Autumn Festival, consumers can exchange waste moon cake boxes for environmentally friendly shopping bags. This behavior has been praised by many media. Ms. Jiang said that this year, she plans to hold this activity, and the specific plan needs to be determined

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