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The new trend of food packaging - vacuum packaging machine

in summer, we are moving forward step by step. The shelf life of many vegetables, fruits and other foods has been shortened. No doubt, the deterioration of things is caused by the biological enzymes in the food by the oxygen in the air. Low temperature is a method of food preservation. Under low temperature environment, the activity of biological enzymes in food will decrease, which will prolong the time of food decay. And isolating air, which is what we often call vacuum, is another way to keep fresh

the emergence of vacuum packaging machine has realized the latter fresh-keeping effect. It is not only applicable to food, but also applicable to the price competition of various solid, powder, paste, liquid, such as drugs, local specialties, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic products (semiconductors, circuit boards, electronic finished products, etc.) and vacuum aviation composite materials of mechanical and metal processing parts, so as to prevent moisture, oxidation and discoloration

Jinan Xunjie vacuum packaging machine is very simple to use. Just press the vacuum cap to automatically complete the whole process of vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust

in case of failure of the vacuum packaging machine, there is no need to worry. I'll tell you some tips just in case

fault 1: the vacuum pump does not work or there is serious noise


1. Phase loss of power supply or open circuit of fuse

2. The vacuum pump reverses

3. Poor contact of IC main contact point

4. The ISJ normally closed contact is poor


1. Check the power incoming line or replace the fusible core

2. Power also fell on the road of crazy expansion due to the fracture of the capital chain

3. Adjust or replace

4. Adjust or replace

fault 2: the specified limit vacuum degree cannot be reached


1. The vacuum pump oil is too little or polluted

2. Smoke or air leakage of vacuum pump

3. The gas circuit is not tightly sealed

4. 2DT iron core is stuck and does not reset


1. Add or change oil

2. Clean the vacuum pump, replace the exhaust filter, and check the check valve

3. Check the air circuit to eliminate leakage

4. Maintenance or cleaning

fault 3: insufficient vacuum or no vacuum


1. Air leakage in the packaging bag

2. There is no vacuum in the heat sealing gas chamber under vacuum

3. 1dt iron core upper sealing gasket the company's turnover last year was 150million yuan or the sealing ring in the magnetic cover leaked


1. Replace the packaging bag

2. 1dt does not work, overhaul or replace it

fault 4: no heat seal


1. The nickel chromium skin is burned

2. The heat sealing return line is loose and open circuit

3. Poor contact of 2C main contact

4, 2C do not work


1. Replace

2. Tighten and reconnect. Inlet pump valve

3. Adjust or replace it

4. Check whether 1sj normally open and 2sj normally closed contacts are in good condition

fault 5: insufficient sealing strength


1. The temperature time adjustment is too low and too short

2. Vacuum time adjustment is too short

3. Heat sealing gas chamber rupture


1. Readjust

2. Readjust it to -0.08mpa

3. Replace

fault 6: the sealing plane is uneven or corroded


1. The temperature time adjustment is too high and too long

2. 2sj does not work


1. Readjust

2. Maintenance or replacement (if the heat seal delay is found to be too long, the power supply shall be cut off in time)

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