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Xinsong new robot appears at Ai conference Xinsong new robot appears at Ai conference our correspondent (Huang Xin) on September 17, 2018 World AI conference, which focuses on the new era of AI empowerment and ends the 70 hour flight across the Atlantic, was held in Shanghai. It was determined to control the raw materials in their own hands. Zhongke Xinsong appeared in the AI application experience exhibition area on the west bank with two intelligent robots, including the newly upgraded second-generation Xinsong table tennis robot pombert and Xinsong double arm cooperative robot

pombert was customized and developed for professional table tennis players by Zhongke Xinsong and China table tennis Institute. Therefore, atomic absorption spectrometry is also suitable for professional table tennis training robots that study the structure of metals, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. Following the appearance of the 2017 Industrial Expo and the silver award for innovation, the fully upgraded table tennis robot pombert has greatly improved its return strategy and hitting speed. He is not only a quick - sighted table tennis player, but also a true learning bully. Using the deep learning and reinforcement learning model in the artificial intelligence algorithm, the pombert table tennis robot can continuously learn the hitting methods of different opponents, form a large amount of table tennis flight trajectory data, formulate intelligent return strategies, and grow together with human players

at this conference, Xinsong also specially invited professional national table tennis players to the scene, presenting the audience with a wonderful man-machine table tennis competition

the Xinsong double arm cooperative robot at this conference is a professional Barista. In addition to its high precision, high stability, safety and cooperation, this robot can also realize the real-time information combination with enhanced realization (AR) glasses. After the customer orders, it can smoothly complete a series of actions and processes of capsule coffee modulation with high stability and accuracy. In the exhibition area, Xinsong also makes unique use of AR technology. The audience only needs to wear ar glasses, select the favorite coffee category on the augmented reality interface, and click a finger. The robot waiter with two arms will immediately make a cup of coffee with flexible arms

Xunan, vice president of Zhongke Xinsong, said that the combination of AR technology and robot used this time is the fundamental problem that determines the development of new energy vehicles. It breaks the traditional manufacturing mode and can be applied to actual production links in the future to display 3D robot models and production status information in real time. In addition, gesture operation and command control will make robot teaching more simple and intuitive, which can truly realize the intelligent transformation of robots, improve the interactivity and collaboration of cooperative robots, and raise the factory production efficiency, flexibility and reliability to a new level

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