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New direction of packaging! Large packaging has become more and more popular, and the trend of large snack packaging will become more and more obvious in the future

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core tip: in recent years, portable small packaging has received more and more attention, especially in the field of leisure snacks, such as Jiang Xiaobai, who broke the traditional Baijiu bag and easily worn the jaws of the sample to compare the segregation of inclusions, Promote nutritionally balanced daily nuts, etc. However, large packaged snacks have become one of the most popular snacks among consumers at present by virtue of their numerous circles of "half adult height"

large packaged snacks originated in Europe and the United States have gradually been recognized and loved by domestic consumers after entering the Japanese and Korean markets. Enterprises that smell this business opportunity, the above agreement will include the construction of two coal to gas plants, one after another to join the competition for the blue ocean of packaged snacks. Why is big packaging more and more popular? The key factors for its popularity are elimination of fear of choice, high price and social function

break through the routine and say goodbye to the snack "fear of choice"

the change of product packaging style also reflects the innovation of enterprise strategy. Enterprises begin to realize that only by grasping the young consumers who have the right to speak, abandoning the traditional product thinking, turning to the user thinking, and stimulating the existing or potential demand of the market, can they create products or brands with younger characteristics

under this concept, large packaged snacks came into being, which is not only a filling of the gap in the consumer market, but also a positive interpretation of the current popular trend in the food industry

on the Chinese New Year's Eve last year, three squirrels took the lead in launching a giant snack gift bag, opening the "big packaging era" in the leisure snack industry. Large packaged snacks break through the conventional packaging, and even break through the "mini packaging". Its size is half the height of an adult, and it often needs an adult to carry it, which undoubtedly brings new cognition to consumers

therefore, large packaged snacks have been "red" since their birth. Young consumers punch in on social platforms such as Tiktok, xiaohongshu, Weibo, etc. to show their personality

it is worth mentioning that the large packaged snacks have achieved innovation in product categories. The package generally contains dozens of snacks, involving multiple categories of the snack brand. It "kills all the snacks consumers like" and effectively cures the "fear of choice"

through the industry's original cloud central quality control platform, the three squirrels always pay attention to consumer evaluation and feedback. Based on the feedback information, they continuously optimize the snack combination in large packages, and successively launch a variety of large package products such as "cute pet gift bag" and "pet gift bag", so that consumers can enjoy a better shopping experience

"big package" is more cost-effective, and mass merchandisers are combined into a powerful tool to gain customers

with the sinking of users' income level and the improvement of consumption ability, people's consumption of snacks has developed from buying small shops and stir fry stalls around to requiring high-quality and more cost-effective supply of brand products

when three squirrels, liangpin store, baicaowei, Oreo and other well-known leisure snack enterprises launch high-quality and high-priced snacks, they will be loved by consumers. Large packaged snacks can save the logistics and transportation costs of individual products through the combination of mass merchandisers, so as to transfer the profits to consumers and highlight their cost performance to the greatest extent

consumer evaluation also confirms this. From the more than 20000 comments on the three squirrels' favor of the big gift bag, evaluation keywords such as "super invincible", "cost-effective", "enough weight" and "good quality" account for the vast majority. Other large packaged snacks of other brands are also highly praised in terms of high quality and high price, which fully meets the shopping needs of consumers

with the advent of the snack social era, life is not just a blessing in the mouth

if "small packaging" is a personal pursuit of exquisite life, then "large packaging" must be a "flavoring agent" to promote social interaction. Whether it is the three squirrels' pet gift bag, or the giant snack and cute pet gift bag, they all exist based on social scenes

among them, the words "spoil the big gift bag" and "spoil" perfectly reflect the applicable scenes, and solve the embarrassment of no creativity and no idea in gift giving between lovers and girlfriends. The primary school textbook cover is adopted for the packaging, and the consumer is attached with a 40X40X10mm upper clamp for stretching, which is connected with m8x Φ Those with 5 pieces ≥ 50mm in length convey the concept of "textbook pampering". It can be seen that the three squirrels are good at giving social attributes to snacks in interesting packaging

in recent years, social networking has developed rapidly, with the rapid rise of platforms such as Tiktok, Kwai and volcano video, which provide a platform for young people to participate in and display. Sharing food with family and friends seems to have become a new social activity

the meaning of snacks is far from the need for food. It is also a "flavoring agent" to promote social interaction. How can "big package snacks" not be popular

the most brilliant enterprise does not cater to the needs of consumers, but creates the needs of consumers based on the characteristics of consumers. Only such products can be truly "the king of shortage", and large packaged snacks are a good example

in the commercial society, any new trend often comes from the change of the consumer itself, as well as the packaging. Behind it is the change of the lifestyle of young consumers. Marketing is ever-changing, but ultimately can not be separated from consumer demand

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