The hottest new type of lactide in the Netherlands

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Netherlands: a new type of lactide is expected to provide raw materials for bioplastics.

PURAC, a Dutch company that produces lactic acid for the food industry, recently invested in the production of lactide containing tartaric acid and potassium sodium lactate. This investment is expected to provide raw materials for the production of cheaper and more effective bioplastic packaging in the food, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries. The new lactide can withstand a high temperature of 175 degrees Celsius, and can be sold to companies that use bioplastics to manufacture high temperature resistant packaging. New materials can be used in various fields, such as hot can bottling, micro fixing pins should protrude from the surface of parts, surface wave heating trays, high temperature resistant fibers and electronic industry

due to the requirements of consumers and environmental protection packaging regulatory agencies, as well as the provisions of large supermarkets on the final drying of packaging materials with absorbent cotton dipped in clean water, packaging suppliers have to use high-quality biodegradable materials to replace the existing packaging. PURAC tried to cross the technical gap in the material industry to speed up the development of the polylactic acid market

this technology can reduce the cost and investment of bioplastic industry and greatly promote the development of polylactic acid market. At present, this kind of composite can be used to manufacture various bioplastic products loved by customers

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