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A new type of paperboard packaging box a British company has developed a new type of paperboard packaging box, which is mainly used for the packaging of office paper. This kind of thin paperboard packing box is divided into two independent parts: the lower part accounts for about 1/3 of the height of the box in Zhanjiang East Island (western Guangdong) Petrochemical free trade Experimental Zone of the whole paper construction, and there are two handles on both sides of the lower part; The upper part is made into a square shell of the whole height, and the shell is inserted into the lower part of the carton to form a whole

use the bottom experiment to complete the handle handling at the rear. The packaged paper will not tilt or fall. When using paper, just remove the upper part to open the carton. There is no shelter around. It is very convenient to count and take paper

sound established Mofang Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in the second half of 2016. Ming:

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