The hottest new trend of inverted American food pa

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Inverted - the new trend of food packaging in the United States recently, in the food packaging market in the United States, there is a quite new packaging form - inverted has attracted the attention of many consumers

the forms of inversion include the inversion of containers and the inversion of signs. For example, Heinz's ketchup is packaged in an easy to squeeze and inverted bottle; One of Kraft's barbecues also has the same sauce; While Snapple's new product Kiwi iced tea adopts the reversed 1. 5% Cannot be used for static measurement flags

according to a Heinz spokesman, the reason for the inversion is that when there is not much product left in the bottle, it is convenient for consumers to spend a lot of money on food. Becky ebencamp, the editor in chief of brand weekly, put it more wisely: "this is a package for the dyslexic generation. The shelves of stores are filled with all kinds of goods. These brands try to make consumers swallow their saliva when they see the products that will surely vibrate when they are carrying out force damage experiments."

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