The hottest new TV Tower in Guangzhou wears a coat

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Guangzhou new TV Tower puts on the "coat" of durable paint

Guangzhou new TV Tower puts on the "coat" of durable paint

August 11, 2008

[China paint information] recently, Guangzhou citizens can see the new TV Tower under construction along the Pearl River on the Baiyun Mountain 10 kilometers away. "Acid rain in Guangzhou is sometimes more sour than vinegar. The TV Tower is more than 600 meters high. Will it be difficult to see it with paint?" "No! Modern technology can guarantee that the new TV Tower will not change color for 20 years." Paint experts tell

protect the building: wear anti-corrosion paint and ceramic tile "coat"

the Pearl River Delta has a lot of acid rain. Will the outer wall of the building be corroded quickly, a pair of residual samples? Huangyonghan, deputy director of coating professional committee of Guangdong coating industry association, told that the construction industry has taken this situation into account. Both the early ceramic tile "coat" and the increasingly widely used fluororesin coatings can effectively prevent buildings from being corroded by acid rain

as we all know, Guangdong is a big province of ceramic production. It makes every effort to build a leading industrial development zone in the city. Porcelain is used as a building "coat" with low cost and high corrosion resistance. It is easy to stick closely with the cement exterior wall. Therefore, ceramic tiles are the main "coat" on the exterior walls of many ordinary buildings and most residential houses in Guangdong

in recent years, more beautiful coatings than ceramic tiles have been used on the outer walls of high-grade buildings. "In fact, general exterior wall coatings can resist slight acid rain. For example, acrylic resin coatings commonly used in the society have a certain acidity, while buildings are cement structures that contain a large amount of calcium and are highly alkaline. When the coatings are 'pasted' with them, they just become neutral and have strong adhesion." Huangyonghan said

it is understood that landmark buildings such as the new TV Tower and the West Tower use the highest grade fluorocarbon paint. Fluorocarbon paint is the best corrosion-resistant architectural coating on the market at present. It can resist both acid rain and 'alkali rain'. Of course, its price is also very high, which is several times that of ordinary exterior wall coatings. "

in addition, careful citizens may also notice that the exterior walls of the new TV Tower and the west tower are painted with silver gray paint. In addition to elegance and beauty, this color also has anti-corrosion function. It is reported that when zinc powder is mixed into the coating, it will turn silver gray. The combination of zinc and oxygen in the air will form a hard anti-corrosion film and become the "protective shield" of buildings. Although the coating used in the new TV Tower and West Tower is expensive, it can work for 20 years. As these two buildings are super high buildings, it is difficult and costly to repaint them. It is estimated that the cost of painting a new TV Tower will reach tens of millions of yuan. The purchase of spring fatigue testing machine should be cautious. Therefore, the owner would rather choose the more expensive coating to prolong the service life of "how to keep the sample at the bottom of the instrument is an important garment"

"color fading" main reason: the technology is not up to standard, and organic paint is used

but in the urban area of Guangzhou, there are still many buildings that look particularly dilapidated. In the "three years and one change", many buildings were painted bright yellow or pink. After two years, they were "faded" and looked dirty and old. Huangyonghan said that this was mainly caused by three reasons -

first, the use of organic coatings. There are generally two kinds of color pastes for coatings, one is organic color paste, the other is inorganic color paste. The latter is generally red, green and blue, which is more expensive, while the coatings of other colors often use organic color pastes which are relatively cheap. The stability of organic color paste is far higher than that of inorganic color paste. Therefore, organic color paste is rarely used in buildings in developed countries

second, the painting technology is not qualified. In contrast to the buildings with ceramic tiles, the buildings with coatings require that the outer walls be as smooth as possible. Therefore, generally developed countries use mechanized means to build walls. In order to reduce costs, China often builds walls by hand, and the walls are uneven. In addition, before coating, a layer of thin putty shall be applied outside the cement just like painting furniture, so as to facilitate the coating to be "pasted". Because the expansion coefficient of putty is different from that of coating, although acid rain can not affect the coating, when the external temperature changes, the putty and coating will expand and contract due to different degrees of heat and cold, resulting in gaps between each other. After a while, the coating will slowly peel off. Many buildings are mottled in twoorthree years. In fact, it is not caused by acid rain, but by heat expansion and cold contraction

third, the exterior wall of the building was dirty and not cleaned. There is a lot of dust in the air of Guangzhou. If the building design does not consider the waterline to guide rainwater, or does not wash frequently, plus its own color is not resistant to dirt, it is easy to show old

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