Four problems needing attention in home decoration

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[] people often think that spring and autumn are the golden seasons for decoration, and the high temperature in summer is regarded as a hidden danger of construction problems, but it is not. The objective conditions of high temperature and fast evaporation of water in summer are conducive to construction. As long as the problems that should be paid attention to in summer are handled well, the construction is safe, reasonable and efficient, and every work is done according to the normal construction process, so as to make the project that satisfies you. [related reading: please pay attention to the details of wallpaper paving in summer decoration]

I. fine treatment of wall surface

due to the hot climate in summer, special attention should be paid to its bonding strength, stability and initial drying and cracking resistance when treating interior wall coatings. After careful observation, make detailed time records and compare them before and after. Grasp its changes and do a good job of prevention in advance

second, wet water material treatment

in summer, because the materials are more dry, floor tiles, ceramic tiles and other materials that need to be soaked in water, try to extend the soaking time to make them fully reach the saturation state. After construction, there will be no hollowing and falling off due to the weak bonding with cement due to water absorption

III. pay attention to the size treatment of thermal expansion and cold contraction materials

floor and plastic steel are materials that are greatly affected by the temperature. When paving the floor, the gap should be arranged more closely than before, so as to avoid the gap becoming larger and affecting the appearance when the temperature decreases. At the joint between the floor and the wall, the floor batten can be used to form a transition, which not only solves the problem of excessive gap between the wall and the floor, but also plays a beautiful role. When measuring and installing plastic steel doors and windows and sliding doors, attention should be paid to the thermal expansion and cold contraction of dimensions in the arrangement. If the size arrangement is too compact, there will be cracks and deformation due to the decrease of winter temperature, and the size should be slightly surplus

IV. dampproof is the key in summer

dampproof is the key because of the high air humidity in summer. Some materials that are easy to absorb moisture, such as wood, board, gypsum board, etc., are easily affected by moisture due to improper treatment. If the moisture-proof work is not handled well, problems such as wood deformation, floor warping, wall cracks, paint drying and fogging are easy to occur when the dry monsoon blows. It's hot in summer, and it dries slowly after painting. Moreover, the paint absorbs moisture in the air and is prone to fog. The general practice of decoration companies is to use blowing agents to make the paint dry faster. When you buy wood, you must go to the large wholesalers. Their wood has been dried. You can pick up the goods directly from the container, reducing the intermediate links, and reducing the chance of wood moisture

in addition, in home decoration, we often encounter the problem that latex paint will be moldy and odorous in hot weather because of its slow drying. After decoration, we will also encounter the problem that all kinds of odors will not disperse, affecting people's health. In this regard, the general method is to turn on the air conditioner to extract moisture and remove moisture from the air; Keep the furniture cabinet door open and ventilated. It is suggested that after decoration, more green plants should be placed to play the role of light and remove odor, or two or three lemons, oranges and bananas should be placed in the room to achieve the effect of rapid deodorization

as for the blackening problem of the balcony parapet, the main reason is that the outer wall is wet in rainy days, and the moisture slowly seeps in from the outside of the wall. After the paint of the parapet board is sealed, the moisture cannot be emitted outward, so it leads to blackening and the paint film cocks up. Therefore, when making the parapet against the balcony, we must first deal with the back water surface




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