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Xiaobian has always been very interested in all kinds of high-tech and Internet, which not only affect the direction of our future life, but also affect the quality of our life. So today, Xiaobian boldly predicts the scientific and technological trend of doors and windows in the future with limited knowledge



Xiaobian has always been very interested in all kinds of high-tech and Internet, which not only affect the direction of our future life, but also affect the quality of our life. So today, Xiaobian boldly predicts the scientific and technological trend of doors and windows in the future with limited knowledge

the development of doors and windows has entered the era of users being king. More brand doors and windows put user experience and needs in the first place. Product manufacturing has become more and more careless, and the appearance and overall performance have been greatly improved. The competition between door and window manufacturers has gradually risen from product quality to style and service competition

with the continuous improvement of material living standards, while pursuing high quality, we should pay more attention to the convenience and intelligence of doors and windows, which will promote the development of doors and windows in the direction of high-end, intelligence and multifunction by means of high technology. Xiaobian guesses that there will be several major business model innovations in the door and window industry in the future, which may be the direction worthy of attention for door and window enterprises


guess 1: mobile devices have become the mainstream

the collective explosion of various wearable devices, the continuous improvement of VR technology, smart phones are even more necessary for people, and mobile smart devices have become the most indispensable products at present. From smart toilets to smart clothes, it seems to be heralding the arrival of a revolution. Mobile networks, from 3G to 4G, have not been long, and the 5g era is coming, which means that using mobile devices in the future will be more convenient and faster than now

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, it is easy to build an online platform and an app for door and window building materials, which can be said to have software strength. But "this is not something that a company can achieve on its own." This requires the coordination of software, hardware, service and operation, so as to promote the full intelligent and scientific process of doors and windows. For example, doors and windows can automatically adjust the closing state of doors and windows according to the surrounding temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors; Or it can adjust the most suitable angle or close the doors and windows anytime and anywhere through app. A series of technologies, such as establishing long-term cooperation with door and window enterprises, can achieve the most practical effect

but it must be said that controlling the status of doors and windows through mobile devices may be the trend of doors and windows in the future. However, the shortcomings of traditional door and window enterprises lie in the lack of awareness of software development and data collection, and the high cost factors, so that it is still difficult to achieve the future state of doors and windows

but as a powerful door and window enterprise, it is necessary to prepare for a rainy day


guess 2: "Internet +" is becoming a trend

for doors and windows, "Internet +" is only a comprehensive model, not just a familiar e-commerce model. The Internet is not a separate channel, but a systematic connection between online and offline. With years of business experience of door and window enterprises, a perfect supply chain and sales channels can be formed offline, so as to build a unified open platform, provide corresponding technical support, and join the opening of various online channels, such as independent research and development of apps, settling in e-commerce platforms, or enterprise online and other entrances. The "Internet +" mode will come naturally. Various forces should cooperate with each other and complement each other in strategy

the most important thing is that the enterprise's after-sales service, logistics, terminal physical stores, experience stores and so on must all keep up


guess 3: customize the service experience

under the Internet, the analysis and collection of big data for end consumers will become more and more precise. All kinds of changes related to the Internet are changing the door and window industry and various industries. Now consumers want to experience products and go to terminal physical stores. In the future, they may be able to design their own home space directly online and experience the decoration effect of door and window products. The Internet has had a profound impact on the whole industry, from R & D, production to sales

if you have bought something on Taobao, you have experienced what is customization first: "if you like this, you must also like it?" The website will remember your shopping preferences, including the stores you have bought, the stores you often visit, and the appropriate seller region. Because of the traces left by your last shopping, you don't have to spend time to choose again. For door and window enterprises, customization is no longer limited to the product stage,

customized service will become the standard way to establish user loyalty in the future! With the prevalence of e-commerce, door and window enterprises can do something

worry: door and window enterprises need a combination of multiple advantages to successfully enter the Internet

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in short, there is a future only if you dare to think! In the torrent of industry development, door and window enterprises should maintain keen insight and full foresight, learn new technologies and use them for innovation, so as to really go ahead of time and take a step ahead! Some door and window enterprises have begun to take a positive attitude to self-adjustment, constantly implement brand strategy upgrading, and seek new market breakthroughs. At present, the door and window industry as a whole is in an extensive state of operation, which is closely related to the fact that many door and window enterprises have been busy with projects and scales for many years, ignoring self-adjustment and management, thus "accumulated labor has become a disease". The self-improvement of door and window enterprises is a long-term construction system at any time, which cannot be achieved overnight

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