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Reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment; The development of water-based wood household coatings in China has experienced a difficult process for more than 10 years, and its industrialization is still far away at present. Not long ago, China Household Coatings Industry Association held the first seminar on the development of waterborne wood household coatings in Guangzhou, aiming to promote the research, development, promotion and application of waterborne wood household coatings in China. According to reports, although the industry association is very enthusiastic about the promotion of water-based wood home coatings, and many domestic home coatings enterprises have come to the conference, there are many wait-and-see enterprises, but few really want to get involved. This phenomenon is vividly called "hot industry and cold market" by relevant people of the home paint Association

"pioneer" is difficult to become a climate

the promotion of water-based wood home coatings is very beneficial to the rational utilization of resources and the improvement of environmental sanitation. Due to the enhanced operability of the construction of water-based wood household coatings, well-known domestic decoration companies intend to fully use water-based wood household coatings, educate and train painters to form corresponding construction teams and launch the water-based movement. Today, with the increasing attention to the safety and environmental protection indicators of home coatings, water-based wood home coatings are gradually accepted by the market because of its low hazard and low pollution characteristics

however, in the more than 10 years since the rise of water-based wood home coatings, the first well-known home coating enterprise in China has been difficult to become a climate In 1995, German Dufang household paint entered the Chinese market to promote its mature brand of waterborne wood household paint in Europe. Although its products have good environmental protection performance, they are "acclimatized" due to their high price In 1996, Shandong yalimei company became one of the domestic enterprises producing waterborne wood household coatings, but it declined in 2000. Shenzhen Qibao Chemical Co., Ltd. rushed into the market in 2003, saying that its products solved the quality and cost problems of water-based paint, but three years later, the market response was flat. In the same year, the products of Shenzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. were also officially launched, but it has been difficult to open up the situation due to high prices. Subsequently, famous enterprises such as Dabao, globegroup, eppoem and Zhongnan home building materials also entered the market one after another, but they did not really form mass production

there are too many constraints

there are few people interested in the water-based home paint products of well-known enterprises, which intensifies the wait-and-see psychology of domestic home paint enterprises. And the corresponding domestic policies and regulations can not keep up, products and technical services, as well as supporting manufacturers can not meet the requirements of users, have blocked enterprises out of the market

the United States and the European Union have long issued regulations restricting solvent based household coatings, but China has not clearly stipulated that solvent based household coatings cannot be used, nor has it stipulated that water-based household coatings must be used on wood furniture when the sensor is fixed on the machine base The technical requirements of environmental protection label products implemented in August, 2005. Technically speaking, there are still many problems in water-based household coatings. First, the drying speed is too slow. The final hardness cannot be reached in many days at normal temperature, which cannot meet the requirements of industrialized high-quality and high-efficiency coating, and the high hardness and high fullness required by users are also difficult to achieve. Second, the residue of VOC (volatile organic compounds) is high. Due to its extremely low volatility of film-forming additives, if it cannot be dried, its odor residue after 7 days of drying at room temperature is no less than that of polyurethane household coatings. Third, the product cost is high. At present, the technology of its raw material synthetic resin is in the hands of foreign companies, and most of them rely on imports. Because the product is still in the development stage, the research and development and marketing costs are high, and the product cost is more than twice that of solvent based household coatings

in addition, from the perspective of supporting, the price of water-based primer and putty is falsely high, and furniture factories and scientific research institutes also lack cooperation with household paint manufacturers, so it is difficult to promote

therefore, many household paint enterprises adopt the follow-up strategy and are unwilling to take the lead. This leads to the lack of innovation in products, making it difficult to form a climate

opportunities should not be missed

the hydration of wood home coatings is the general trend, and consumers also need this kind of environmental friendly home coatings. At present, Germany or the pendulum shaft is too dirty or rusty, Dufang and British ICI company have launched the second generation of waterborne wood home paint products in China

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