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The hygienic standard for quick-frozen prepackaged noodles has been approved to be revised and will be implemented soon.

since 2004, quick-frozen foods have been repeatedly found to have "mold exceeding the standard" and more than one or two enterprises have won the bid. The "testing storm" quickly swept through the quick-frozen industry, causing the quick-frozen food enterprises in Henan Province, such as Sanquan, missing, and Pangge, to face a crisis

Recently, however, it was finally learned that with the joint efforts of the China Food Science and Technology Association, Henan Provincial Food Office, Zhengzhou Sanquan food company and other units, the "Hygienic standard for quick-frozen prepackaged noodles rice" that has plagued quick-frozen food enterprises for more than a year has been revised and will be implemented in the near future

as we all know, flour is one of the main ingredients of quick-frozen dumplings. Using flour that meets the national standard to produce quick-frozen dumplings that are consistent with the flour standard should also meet the standard. But since July, 2004, quick-frozen food has been repeatedly detected as "mold exceeding the standard". It turned out that in the "Hygienic standard for quick frozen prepackaged noodles" implemented since May 1st, 2004, the bacterial qualification index was 10 times higher than that specified by the former Ministry of Commerce

chenzhenjie, director of Henan Provincial Food Office, said that quick frozen food has been implementing the standard of sb/t10289-1997 "quick frozen noodles and rice food" implemented since July 1st, 1998, which stipulates that the number of colonies per gram of raw products is not more than 3million. However, in September, 2003, the Ministry of Health issued the hygienic standard for quick-frozen prepackaged noodles and rice, which has been implemented since May 1st, 2004. It is stipulated that the number of colonies per gram of raw products shall not be more than 300000

Chen Zemin, chairman of Zhengzhou Sanquan food company, said that the main raw materials of quick-frozen dumplings are meat products and flour, while the national standard for flour does not stipulate a bacterial standard, and the national standard for meat products stipulates that the number of colonies per gram is not more than 5million. Just think, how can you produce dumplings with no more than 300000 colonies per gram with meat products with no more than 5million colonies per gram

obviously, the national standards of quick-frozen food are contradictory, and enterprises are at a loss

Li Jinzhou, general manager of Henan missing food company, said that more than 95% of domestic quick-frozen enterprises sold filter products with infarct instigators that did not meet the hygiene standards. Moreover, quick-frozen products are all raw products, and consumers must be sterilized by boiling at high temperature

After the introduction of the new standard, the relevant departments of Henan provincial government attached great importance to it. There are more than 20000 food enterprises in the province, with an output value of 160billion yuan in 2004. It is the first pillar industry in the province, ranking fourth in the country. The impact of the new standards on the food industry cannot be ignored

Chen Zhenjie told that the provincial Food Office contacted the Ministry of health and the National Standardization Commission, and finally held the China quick frozen food development forum and standards seminar from September 25 to 26, 2004

since 2004, Chen Zemin, as a deputy to the National People's Congress, has rushed to Beijing several times to explain the situation to the relevant departments. As the Secretary General of China frozen and frozen food professional association, his behavior not only represents Henan enterprises, but also receives the great trust of many domestic quick-frozen enterprises

with the efforts of Chen Zemin and others, on July 27, 2005, the Chinese society of food science and technology sent a special letter to the standards division of the health supervision center of the Ministry of health to apply for revising the relevant contents of the new standard

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recently, the Ministry of health has approved the No. 1 amendment to the hygienic standard for quick-frozen prepackaged rice food, which has been approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee for implementation. In the amendment, the colony standard of raw products was regressed to no more than 3million per gram

Chen Zemin said, "although no specific documents have been received, I am very happy to learn this news from the Ministry of health. In the future, large-scale quick-frozen food enterprises should not have mold exceeding the standard."

the person in charge of Miss company also said in: "great, in the future, we can safely engage in production!"

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