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The illusion of the market - "flexographic printing machine only for printing has no future"

flexographic printing machine has been introduced into China from abroad since 1989. Compared with low-grade lithography and even high-grade resin edition, its development is not fast enough. The main reason is that the flexographic printing machine users can't use it well

poor use is that users do not master flexographic printing technology, resulting in a high scrap rate; It can't be used because the domestic supply of raw and auxiliary materials such as plates, corrugated rollers and inks can't be used, and they must be imported. Although this situation has improved at present, plates and good corrugated rollers still need to be matched at home and abroad. Flexographic printing machine is not only for printing, but also has a high cost, which directly affects the promotion of flexographic printing technology in China. Speaking of label printing, letterpress printing is more general and popular

flexographic printing machine is mainly used for soft package printing in packaging and printing, and it is not widely used in paper packaging. In terms of printing quality and effect alone, its precision is far behind that of offset printing and gravure printing. In the actual printing process, the scrap rate is also high. Another problem is that compared with the gravure plate making cost, flexo plate making is much higher. Customers always think that flexographic printing machines are for printing when they buy them. In fact, this is not the case. Duoweilong has stepped out of the new mileage of flexographic printing machinery

the interworking group duoweilong company also realized that if the flexographic printing machine is only used for single printing, there is no way out. To change this situation, we must develop suitable equipment according to the actual situation of China's packaging and printing industry. The flexographic printing machine with some auxiliary functions may surpass the functions of gravure printing and offset printing, so the multi-functional integrated model has become a main idea for the company to develop products

duoweilong company of interworking group has invested in the research of flexible concave multi-function printing machine since 2003. This electronic shaftless printing machine can not only increase gravure printing and printing units, but also has electrical components and parts for die cutting, indentation, embossing and ironing, which fully ensure the reliability, stability, durability, positioning, cold ironing and other functions of the system. It also completes the packaging printing and post press processing processes with wired operation, Thus, the scrap rate is reduced and the market demand for high-quality and small batch packaging and printing is met. The printing effect is also at the same level as that of foreign brand printing equipment, which can meet the multi-functional requirements for completing packaging and printing at one time

at present, in terms of printing volume, one kind of packaging industry in China is the medium and low-grade popular paper packaging, labels and other products with relatively large printing volume; The other is a small batch of high-end brand cigarette packs, paper packaging, etc. If gravure printing is used for packaging and printing with small quantity, the cost will be relatively high; There are too many offset printing processes, and it is easy to increase the scrap rate. After transformation, the multi-function flexographic printing machine of duoweilong has shown its vitality, giving full play to the combined printing advantages of flexographic printing

the developed products have been purchased and applied by many enterprises in Sichuan, Guangzhou and Fujian. According to users' feedback, the effect is very ideal, and the printing quality can reach the level of gravure printing. By 2025, the total output value will reach 30billion yuan and the requirements. Moreover, because the machine has the advantages of connecting die cutting, hot stamping, film coating, positioning cold pressing, UV glazing, one-time processing and molding, the cost of gravure printing is much lower than the original, and the scrap rate is also reduced, This also proves that this equipment is very suitable for small batch packaging and printing

packaging and printing in China has particularly high requirements for technology, especially high-end high-quality cigarettes mainly printed in small batches. At present, most cigarette packaging enterprises use sheet fed gravure printing machines, but the process is complex and inconvenient to operate. Although flexographic printing has the advantages of wired printing and environmental protection, it is not as effective as gravure printing in terms of printing accuracy and sense of hierarchy, so it is a little inadequate for cigarette packs. At present, there are few applications in cigarette packs, most of which are used for label printing. With the integration of cigarette packaging enterprises, the demand of brands puts forward higher requirements for quality and technology. The mass production of a single variety can basically be met by high-speed rotary gravure printing machines. Is there a better printing method for small batch high-end high-quality cigarette packaging printing orders? If a machine can carry out gravure printing on the one hand, and also has the functions of die cutting, indentation, embossing, hot stamping, etc., and can complete all processes at one time, and the price is cheap, can this kind of equipment open a market in the cigarette bag printing market

stable quality, perfect solution for small batch high-end packaging and printing

the successful development and launch of a multi-functional flexographic printing machine specially tailored for packaging and printing enterprises by duoweilong company, an interworking group located in Panyu, Guangdong Province, has made the first shot for domestic flexographic printing machines to enter the packaging and printing market with its exquisite printing effect and excellent quality, Facts have proved to us that this equipment is the perfect choice for small batch high-end packaging and printing

the launch of the multi-function flexographic printing machine of duoweilong has several advantages: first, the equipment is an integrated combined printing machine integrating flexographic printing, gravure printing, die cutting, indentation, embossing, hot stamping and other functions, and the price is cheap compared with the imported equipment with the same configuration; Secondly, the waste rate is low, which greatly reduces the cost and virtually improves the profit space of packaging and printing enterprises; Thirdly, for some high-quality packaging boxes, the process requirements are complex and the production volume is small, so the combination printing equipment is more suitable, and the various processes required for packaging and printing can be met on the same equipment

at present, many cigarette bag printing enterprises are using the multi-function flexographic printing machine of duoweilong for the packaging and printing of soft and hard cartons. The printing quality, printing effect, printing accuracy and price have been recognized by users, so take the foam granulator as an example, the supply should not be demanded, and passed the examination of relevant indicators. A cigarette bag printing enterprise in Sichuan used to use a single concave machine. After printing, it had to use another machine for die cutting and indentation. The process was complicated. Now, after switching to the multi-function flexographic printing machine, the product can be formed at one time, which is both easy and worry-free. At present, cigarette bag printing enterprises that have purchased the multi-function flexographic printing machine of duoweilong have been using the machine, which is reliable in operation and stable in quality

through years of efforts, duoweilong of interworking group has accumulated countless experience, mastered a large number of flexographic printing technologies, and introduced advanced technologies from Switzerland to expand the Chinese market of flexographic printing machines. Interworking group has strong strength, advanced and sophisticated processing equipment, and all the components produced are in strict accordance with the standardization requirements, not bad at all. With a high level of design ability, processing ability and professional technicians, we will be able to produce high-level products. Therefore, interworking group is full of confidence in the future development. Duoweilong's flexographic printing products were grandly unveiled at the all print exhibition. 1. The experimental standards were different: at the exhibition, a group of domestic experts watched carefully and were full of praise, which could keep pace with international brand products. With the vigorous growth of the multi-function flexographic printing machine, it will be one-third of the world with international brands in the future

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