The illegal phenomenon of paint counterfeiting in

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The illegal phenomenon of paint counterfeiting in duluxpro stores appears in many places

the illegal phenomenon of paint counterfeiting in duluxpro stores appears in many places

April 09, 2013

[China paint information] the harm of fake paint is self-evident, especially when illegal manufacturers use benzene chemicals, once absorbed by the human body, it is easy to cause blood poisoning. Yesterday, the volume of the fuel tank was only (x% Y (!% y) "z% (OO)," Dulux " Paint companies are planning to acquire assets. It is revealed that they allow their stores to sell fake products in Wuhan. About 70% of home decoration is fake as long as the sample fixture is successfully made. China is a country with relatively tight resources and energy. It is reported that a large number of duluxpro fake paint flowing into the decoration market from home decoration and other channels are filled with real paint, which makes consumers unable to distinguish. The quality supervision and industrial and commercial departments of the city have repeatedly found the illegal phenomenon of "Dulux paint fraud" in the paint factory

it is disclosed that some Dulux stores in Wuhan are mixed with "true and false" Dulux, and Dulux paint with a normal price of 380 yuan can be purchased for 185 yuan. The owner of the exclusive store admitted that the profit of Dulux for a barrel of genuine paint is between 5 yuan and 10 yuan, which is difficult to make money, so many exclusive stores sell fake products privately. In the decoration market, especially when the decoration contractor contracts labor and materials, 70% of the decoration paint is fake, which is larger than the sales of real goods

at present, duluxpro has more than 4000 stores in China. For some dealers who start with counterfeiting, they generally do not take strict measures, but through the "righting" method to control them from making and selling fake products, which to some extent intensifies the spread of duluxpro paint making and selling fake products in the market

learned that duluxpro counterfeiting is not the first time in Shanghai. In September, 2007 and January, 2008, the quality supervision department of the city twice seized a large number of fake Dulux wall paint in paint processing sites in Dachang Town, Baoshan, chentai Road, etc., one of which was worth more than 100000 yuan. On April 3, 2011, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce 12315 also received an anonymous report that a building materials market on Tibet North Road was suspected of selling interior wall coatings with fake "Dulux" registered trademark

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