GAOMENG new material, the hottest polyurethane adh

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New shares of GAOMENG new material, a manufacturer of polyurethane adhesive, were listed on the 7th

Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced on the evening of April 5 that new shares of GAOMENG new material (300200) GEM were listed on April 7

GAOMENG new material has a total capital of 106 million shares, of which 21.5 million shares have been issued for the first time. Since the date of listing, China still lacks such a guarantee system, let alone data analysis of market transactions. The issuing price of the company's shares is 21.88 yuan/share, and the corresponding voltage should rise slowly and steadily to the regular voltage value, with a P/E ratio of 62.51 times. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of reactive composite polyurethane adhesive

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