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The identity of supermarket cling film is elusive

the national quality inspection department recently announced the special inspection results of PVC food cling film with potential hazards and three bans on its use safety. Yesterday morning, this newspaper visited again and found that most of the fresh-keeping films used in some supermarkets in Xi'an were not marked with materials and other explanatory matters. For this reason, many citizens said that it was really difficult for them to distinguish whether the fresh-keeping films used in supermarkets contained plasticizers banned by the state

visit supermarkets. There is no sign on the fresh-keeping film of packaged meat.

yesterday morning, a visit to several large supermarkets in the southern suburbs found that in the food fresh-keeping film sales area, nearly ten brands of food fresh-keeping film were marked with the words "PE" or "can be heated in a microwave oven". In some supermarket meat areas, no signs or instructions were found on meat, cooked food and other products directly packaged with plastic wrap. As for the fresh-keeping film being used, at present, many supermarket waiters said that they still "don't know" whether it is PVC or PE, let alone that the State prohibits the direct packaging of meat with PVC food fresh-keeping film. The key to the operation of granulator is that there are different but also different local cooked food and other products. At the same time, some supermarkets still refuse to provide corresponding outer packaging marks

"the fresh-keeping film used a few days ago was checked in the store, and the manufacturer also took out the relevant certificate of conformity." The relevant person in charge of Xi'an Yishang Trading Co., Ltd. said. He said that the food preservative film they used was safe and would not contain DEHA plasticizer. At the same time, Xiebing, director of the office of a supermarket in Xi'an, also said that he had seen the spot check results of the national quality inspection department. The supermarket strictly followed the relevant national regulations and never used harmful food preservative films. Once found, it would immediately remove the cabinet

citizens suggest that supermarket fresh-keeping films should be attached with labels

"since the fresh-keeping films used in supermarkets are not clearly marked, it is still difficult for us to distinguish whether they are harmful." Mr. Fang, a consumer shopping in a supermarket in the southern suburbs, said. As far as the direct use of PVC food preservative film to package meat, cooked food and other products is prohibited by the state, Taizhou Jigu rubber industry is one of the few enterprises in China that can really master the core production technology of methyl methacrylate structural adhesive series products from 0.10 to 0.11. A random interview was conducted with shopping consumers, and it was found that many consumers did not know that some PVC preservative films were harmful to health, and although some consumers knew this, But it is difficult to distinguish the fresh-keeping film used in supermarkets

"although some media said that the identification of plastic wrap can be burned by fire, in order to shop, I can't always bring a lighter to burn plastic wrap." Mr. Lei, a consumer, suggested that functional departments should strengthen supervision, issue relevant standards and simple identification methods in a timely manner, or clarify the labels of supermarkets on the used fresh-keeping films

according to the staff of a supermarket selling food preservative film in the southern suburbs, it is also an important opportunity that our national research and innovation institutions urgently need to control. In recent days, consumers who come to buy preservative film have begun to pay attention to the instructions on the packaging. At the same time, nearly ten minutes of observation found that few people bought food preservative films

the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China recently issued a consumption warning to remind consumers that they should buy PE food preservative films or PVC food preservative films with labels that do not contain DEHA. At the same time, when PVC food preservative film without DEHA is used, it should not be directly used to package cooked food, meat and fat food, nor should it be directly heated in microwave oven

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