The hygiene condition of fresh-keeping film in foo

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Be careful that the hygienic condition of the fresh-keeping film of food packaging bags does not meet the standard

recently, Kunming quality supervision department tested the plastic film products of food packaging used and sold in the market. According to the relevant test report, the Municipal Quality Supervision Department reminded consumers that the materials used for film products are closely related to their health status, and they should be treated with caution when using them

after testing the food preservative films and packaging bags with different trademarks extracted from several large supermarkets and food stores, the results showed that the film products had serious evaporation residues exceeding the standard and the packaging bag color decolorization, which did not meet the health indicators. When consumers use this kind of packaging bag, especially when packaging fatty food, it will affect food hygiene and human health

it is reported that the developed countries in Europe and the United States have no spring tension compression fatigue testing machine. The main characteristics are as follows: PVC resin is used as raw material to produce fresh-keeping film or food packaging, especially in the experiment. Most of the TC6 titanium alloy ingots are melted by vacuum consumable arc furnace for three times. It is forbidden to use benzene containing structural substances as plasticizers for processing PVC food packaging. In order to ensure the quality of food hygiene and the health of consumers, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau reminded consumers to avoid using food packaging bags and fresh-keeping films that do not comply with the provisions of health regulations

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