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Garbage classification mountain village is more beautiful. Fei County: the administrative village realizes full coverage of garbage classification and treatment. Release date: Source: Volkswagen

"after the continuous improvement of material performance, everyone throws all garbage into a garbage can, which is very troublesome to clean up at ordinary times. This year, there are two kinds of garbage cans in red and blue at the door of every household in the village, and now everyone consciously classifies the garbage and puts it into it." On the morning of December 7, in gushanhou village, Tanyi Town, Fei County, zhuwenying, an environmental sanitation cleaner who was picking up garbage, told that the implementation of garbage classification not only did not increase the burden on villagers, but also further improved the appearance of the village

Fei County is located in the hinterland of Yimeng mountain area. There are more than 1400 mountains and hills in the territory. The area above 120 meters above sea level accounts for 79.56% of the total area of the county. It is a typical mountainous agricultural county. In June 2017, Fei County became one of the first 100 pilot counties for rural domestic waste classification and resource utilization in China. For residents in mountainous areas, the time of exposure to garbage classification is relatively short, and the places where people live are relatively scattered. In comparison, garbage 3 The working frequency of the experimental machine is not higher than 500 times/minute. PU materials can be classified as liquid processing waste, and the cost of collection and treatment is high

after practical investigation, Fei County has established a garbage classification mode based on the "three division method" (hazardous garbage, recyclables, other garbage, and the centralized food supply unit increases the classification of "kitchen garbage") which is more suitable for the characteristics of rural areas in mountainous areas, supplemented by the "two quarter division method", and has comprehensively promoted it. The whole county is equipped with two small garbage cans at the door of each villager's home. The red side is marked as "harmful" and the blue side is marked as "recyclable". Villagers only need to put common waste batteries, waste pesticide bottles, etc. into the red garbage cans, drink bottles, waste cartons, etc. into the blue garbage cans. "Other garbage" is put into the collection buckets in the village, and the buckets are placed according to a group of villagers in each household

relying on the urban-rural integrated cleaning system, Fei County has integrated "sanitation cleaners, sorting instructors, and policy propagandists", implemented one post and multiple responsibilities management, and established a full-time garbage classification team. At present, the cleaner team of more than 3000 people in the county has been comprehensively trained twice in batches, and this team has become the main force in the garbage classification work

"only by adapting measures to local conditions and taking multiple measures at the same time can we effectively promote the rural garbage classification work to achieve more practical results." Jiang Jiafeng, director of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of Fei County, said that since the work was fully rolled out, each administrative village in the county has installed a garbage sorting and collection kiosk, and each township has reconstructed and built temporary storage houses for "hazardous garbage" relying on transfer stations in accordance with environmental protection requirements. At present, Fei County has added 12 temporary "hazardous waste" storage rooms, 19 "hazardous waste" collection and transportation vehicles, and 37 waste classification and collection kiosks, but the transaction is poor. 1419 waste classification buckets have been purchased and 22448 waste classification and collection buckets have been equipped

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