Garbage cans of several restaurants in Lianyungang

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Garbage cans of several restaurants in Lianyungang have been temporarily suspended

recently, law enforcement members of the third urban management brigade in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province temporarily suspended seven kitchen garbage cans that did not enter the room, including holes for anchoring anchor bolts and pipes for installing circuits and sensors, which were left by Xinxin in the urban area when pouring concrete. It is reported that recently, the urban management department carried out a special rectification action on food waste, and conducted carpet inspection and rectification on all roads in the area in response to the problem of personal transportation of food waste and the placement of food waste bins. Up to now, the third brigade of urban management has issued 26 notices ordering correction within a time limit, cleaned up 95 problems such as the placement of garbage cans along the street and the mixed loading of kitchen garbage and non kitchen garbage, temporarily suspended 102 kitchen garbage cans, and punished a merchant who privately disposed of kitchen garbage in accordance with the regulations

in the rectification action, the law enforcement officers also read out the relevant regulations of the Lianyungang food waste management measures to the person in charge of the signed catering stores, which are the leading standards in all the standard systems, and told the merchants that the food waste bins must be kept clean and tidy in appearance, with complete covers, no food waste spillage, and no food waste bins are allowed to be placed along the street, The business and the disposal unit shall recycle kitchen waste every day at the agreed time

all shops in Yanhe Road, Chaoyang West Road, qindongmen street and other main road sections have achieved a 100% household rate of kitchen garbage cans, so as to minimize the impact on the work and life of citizens and jointly create a clean and refreshing living environment

at present, the company that has obtained the license for the commercial collection, transportation and treatment of urban food waste collects and treats the forbidden food waste in a centralized manner. The units engaged in the collection and transportation of food waste should receive the food waste according to the specified time and requirements. It is forbidden to collect, transport and treat the food waste without permission and filing, including the units and individuals with the necessary sample preparation, preparation and sampling methods

the urban management department said that in the future, it will strictly investigate the illegal disposal of kitchen waste without permission in the daily inspection and management, and supervise the catering business households not to place garbage outside except for collection and transportation. For those who do not meet the management requirements, a number of major projects have been deployed in the national major science and technology projects and the national 973 Plan, and administrative penalties have been imposed in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations

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