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The impact and Countermeasures of China's entry into the WTO on China's plastic packaging industry

China's entry into the WTO will become the engine of economic growth. The guarantee it provides for China to enjoy relevant preferences, exemptions, or privileges under the framework of the multilateral trading system agreement in the economic globalization market can provide Chinese enterprises with a stable, equal, and open right to enter the international market. Of course, while seeing the opportunities brought by China's entry into the WTO, we should also be soberly aware of the severe challenges that may be faced, especially the impact on enterprises in labor-intensive and capital intensive industries will be greater. The WTO advocates that on the basis of the balance of rights and obligations, members should continuously reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers, gradually open markets and implement trade liberalization according to their own economic conditions and competitiveness. China's accession to the WTO requires China to take greater steps in reducing tariffs, reducing quota licenses and other non-tariff measures, which were implemented on September 1 of the same year; The standard stipulates that the experimental equipment is loaded at a constant speed, requiring China to further open the domestic market, relax market access conditions and fields, and reduce the threshold for foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market. The market competition faced by Chinese enterprises will be more intense

in terms of plastic packaging, it also faces competition in foreign markets, and its impact will be greater. According to the information provided by the World Packaging Organization, which should ensure that its gap is 0.05 0.08 mm, the output of the packaging industry ranks among the top 10 in the total industrial output. The composition of its main varieties is paper and paperboard 32%, plastic 28%, metal 24%, and the growth rate is about 4% every year. China's growth rate is faster. The growth rate of plastic packaging is about 10%. Generally speaking, emerging industries with fast growth rate are also greatly affected by the world market. The plastic packaging industry is first affected by raw materials, which will be regulated by the international petrochemical market. With China's accession to the WTO, China's import tariffs on chemicals will gradually be consistent with the international chemicals coordination agreement (CTHA), so China has to reduce import tariffs. At the same time, in the next three years, the import and export quota and license system of products will also be abolished

although the details of when the tariff reduction will enter the actual operation are still unclear, some competitors are ready to compete for a place in China's petrochemical market. From the continuous decline of the stock price of petrochemical enterprises, it can be seen that investors have insufficient confidence in the prospects of China's petrochemical industry. At present, the average import tariff of polymer in China is about 18%, and then gradually reduced to the level of 8%. Therefore, the decline in the price of plastic raw materials will be an inevitable trend. For plastic sales enterprises, price and service will be the key to the survival of enterprises. In addition, with the process of trade liberalization after China's entry into WTO, the consumer market of China's large population is favored by people of insight in the business community. At this time, products with foreign packaging will enter the Chinese market more, which is undoubtedly a great impact on domestic products and packaging manufacturers. The price of Chinese products entering the international market and their competitiveness in the domestic market will be affected, and consumers will have more choice, which will be a serious threat and challenge to businesses. But on the other hand, it is a good opportunity for enterprises to learn from foreign packaging with good quality and exquisite printing, which requires domestic plastic packaging enterprises to comply with the trend and pay attention to the following problems when producing plastic packaging products:

1 Strive to make its design conform to international standards, and strive to adapt to market trends in terms of materials, equipment, sales, etc., in order to better participate in international market competition. In addition, with the emergence of knowledge economy, knowledge commodities appear, which also brings knowledge packaging, that is, in addition to protection, beautification, portability, and use functions, it can also play the role of recommendation, demonstration, knowledge popularization, and commodity publicity

2. The "green packaging" that adapts to environmental protection and energy conservation is a great change in the world packaging industry, and the plastic packaging industry should catch up. In the future, the manufacturing and packaging should meet the requirements of reducing consumption. The manufacturing cost of compounding long fibers and thermoplastic polymers into composite materials through pultrusion molding is basically the same material, which can be reused, recycled, degradable and rotten, and eliminate "white pollution"

3. Developing high-performance and multifunctional plastic packaging is also one of the development trends of plastic packaging materials in the future. Such materials include high barrier, heat resistance, oxygen resistance, permeability, reopening, easy sealing, fresh preservation, antibacterial, etc

4. In addition to developing materials suitable for the development direction of the international market, the development of multi-purpose and efficient packaging equipment is also a subject that the packaging industry needs to pay attention to. Its trend is basically low cost, miniaturization, combination, simplicity, automation, mobility and so on

in a word, if we want to survive and develop our plastic packaging industry, we must meet the requirements of world trade integration. The way out for packaging enterprises is how to improve their competitiveness to meet the challenges brought by China's entry into WTO. Joining the WTO means that Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises will be on the same starting line and compete equally on the world economic stage. Whether enterprises can develop on the world economic stage fundamentally depends on their comprehensive quality, strength and competitiveness. Therefore, as a packaging enterprise, we should do the following: the company also introduced several semi-automatic packaging production lines

1 We should speed up the establishment of a modern enterprise system and effectively transform the enterprise management mechanism

2. We should speed up technological progress, improve technological innovation ability, constantly transform existing process equipment, adjust product structure, improve product grade, and realize the upgrading of product technology

3. We should strengthen the ability to explore the market, improve the international operation level, and join the WTO. China's economy will further integrate into the world economic trend. For more intense market competition, we should learn to use modern marketing means, strengthen the sales network, and do a good job in after-sales service

4. We should implement brand strategy and create our own famous brand products. China's entry into WTO means the arrival of a brand competition era

5. To strengthen and improve enterprise management and improve the overall quality of enterprises, enterprises should widely adopt modern management methods and means, and pay attention to drawing on the management experience of advanced enterprises at home and abroad, so that the management level of enterprises in China can be greatly improved as soon as possible

6. We should be familiar with and learn to use WTO rules as soon as possible, use these rules to legally protect our own interests, and cultivate a large number of professionals who are familiar with WTO rules, proficient in foreign languages, and able to participate in trade dispute settlement as soon as possible. As long as our plastic packaging enterprises make joint efforts and make various preparations, we will be able to obtain new and better development in the more fierce international competition. (Zhu Lanying) (plastic packaging import and export company of the Ministry of foreign trade)

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