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Artistic glass shows the idea and creativity of new forms

in recent years, glass partitions have developed rapidly in China because of their easy installation and disassembly of products, convenient operation and handling, simple production and preservation, and have been greatly improved in terms of production scale and technology. Nowadays, the former partition limited to functional needs can no longer meet people's requirements for quality of life, thus prompting manufacturers to constantly explore and innovate, and actively develop fashionable and personalized new products in the field of automotive power batteries in the future

when it comes to art glass, many people's leading understanding is to add surface patterns to the glass. In fact, this is only the simplest aspect, which should also include a series of artistic techniques, such as carving, draining lines, colored polycrystalline, milky jade, concave Mongolia, physical ice blasting, sanding emulsification, hot melting, steel welding, tensile machine standard requirements patch and so on. Each one is a perfect combination of art and technology

take wumako art glass as an example. In the early stage of product development, we first need to choose a suitable spring fatigue testing machine. In fact, the pulley can move left and right on the frame. It is not simple for the designer to carry out the preliminary idea and creativity, including graphic design, material selection, process technology implementation method and the effect after installation, and then sample and evaluate the decoration, practicality and stability of the actual product. For products of non-standard size, secondary design is required, and then a number of skilled process technicians integrate several process skills. After dozens of processes and careful and patient processing, a crystal clear, elegant and exquisite art glass can be perfectly presented. However, the unique charm reflected from the product is not comparable to that of ordinary flat glass or simply processed glass

as a leading enterprise in China's home decoration art glass, humaker art glass will continue to "adhere to reputation, strictly control quality, forge ahead with innovation and pursue excellence" to provide consumers with high-quality and artistic art glass. At present, humaker has developed living room partitions, balcony partitions, bathroom partitions, kitchen partitions, background walls, screens, porches, shower rooms, doors and other fields, We will also continue to make unremitting efforts to develop the new artistic conception and new situation of technology of art glass partition, because our goal is to achieve the leading brand of Chinese home decoration art glass

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