Remember to do a good job in these aspects in the

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Paint shop operators should remember to do a good job in these aspects

remember to do well in these aspects in the management of paint stores

October 15, 2020

whether it has a cushioning effect, whether it is an industry veteran or a new investor in the industry, it will inevitably face various practical problems in operation. This will not only install various resin storage, conditioning and pumping devices, but also affect whether the final economic benefits meet the expected standards, affect the return of funds and lead to the loss of customers, and may even cause the shrinkage of business stores and entrepreneurial failure, The following points have to be paid special attention to

01 poor product selection and lack of safety

many entrepreneurs may judge based on their old experience when choosing products. In this case, it is often easy to choose the high-profile and relatively backward technical conditions of Tu, which is currently using more than 10 million components of lead-acid batteries

due to the long time of entering the market, the market share of such products is relatively saturated, and the growth is usually slow; Compared with many new products, most of these coatings have low comprehensive performance, which is difficult to meet the various needs of users

if you choose traditional non environmentally friendly products, it is easy to cause various health problems of users in the process of use, which will inevitably have a great negative impact on the development of the store

if inferior imitation products are selected, in case of brand litigation disputes or even safety and quality problems, investors will not only bear major economic losses, but also may violate laws and regulations. Therefore, we must pay more attention to product selection

02 addicted to price war

price war, as an effective weapon for enterprises to quickly attack rivals, rapidly increase market sales and occupy the market, has always been a means of manipulation that many coating enterprises like. For the coating industry that has just completed the initial accumulation, the price war is a delicious medicine. However, while the enterprise obtains more market share, it also makes the enterprise capital chain tense, and other business activities are greatly affected, making it difficult to move forward, which seriously hinders the further development of the enterprise

price war can quickly increase market share and complete large sales in a short time. But we have to emphasize again and again: for most coating enterprises, price war is only a marketing technology, not a strategy

although the technical support provided by such brands is relatively comprehensive, there is no doubt that a high backlog of funds will significantly increase the risk of operation, the cycle required for the return of funds is long, the ability to resist unknown risks is poor, and the possibility of entrepreneurial failure will be greatly increased

03 insufficient after-sales service and lack of follow-up

operation is a long-term process that can only see results, and the same is true in dealing with customers. You know, developing a new resource or channel requires much more energy than maintaining an existing resource

even if the other party is only an individual purchaser, it is difficult to establish a long-term trading relationship, but the other party's contacts and resources may be potential demanders. Compared with the extensive use of face-to-face tensile testing machines in covered places, individuals are undoubtedly much more accurate to individuals

therefore, good after-sales follow-up of customers, timely communication with customers about various situations in the construction project or use, and rapid feedback can have a great effect on the product reputation, store popularity and sales volume

on the contrary, if the customer experience is poor, it needs several times or even dozens of times of investment to offset this negative evaluation, which is obviously extremely detrimental to the long-term operation of entrepreneurs

finally, pay attention to expanding new sales tools and channels

each new tool may become a new battlefield, an evolution history of the coating industry, and also an evolution history of sales channels. Preemptive use of a new sales channel means that it may win a world

for example, in the offline channel battlefield, in addition to entering the home store, the local building materials market, and opening independent stores on the street, new phenomena appeared later. Some companies settled their stores in shopping malls and urban complexes, avoiding the frontal confrontation of struggling in the home store

in the organizational structure of some coating companies, decoration is regarded as the backbone of market development, and a person in charge of decoration channels has been specially set up to focus on the cooperation of various home decoration companies, including decoration companies, and cooperate with such companies to carry out promotional activities

online channels, such as tmall, Taobao or, vipshop, enterprise officials, official account, have almost become the standard configuration of many companies' online sales channels. Is this enough? Nature is not enough

it is worth noting that micro stores with micro distribution function, pinduoduo, Kwai, Tiktok, small programs, etc. are attacking from the side, trying to tear a hole from the traditional online channels

new markets need new methods to do, so no matter coating enterprises or coating dealers, you don't have to worry about facing the new coating market, just use new methods

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