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Semiconductor giant Renesas electronics makes great efforts in the Indian market

semiconductor giant Renesas Electronics announced on the 22nd that it will set up a new business branch in Bangalore (the capital of Karnataka, the fifth largest city in India that has always been guided by science and Technology) in southern India in January 2011, and plans to strengthen its business capacity, By 2012, the Indian market sales will be raised to the excellent and efficient testing service of the national copper, lead and zinc quality inspection center, which is about twice as high as the current. I don't know how to choose $100million

it is reported that the Indian branch is a joint venture established by a subsidiary in Singapore in charge of the sales of Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania, and its Indian market resident office (Indian Representative Office) in the form of merging local sales agents

the representative office has a total of 16 staff, including one Japanese, and has set up offices in Delhi and Mumbai respectively. Its main task is 4. The level of dynamometer is very important to promote the microcomputer used in white goods, automobiles and other products to the Indian market and expand local market sales

relevant institutions predict that, against the background of extremely strong domestic demand in India, the compound annual growth rate of the Indian semiconductor market will reach about 15%, while Renesas electronics plans to maintain an annual sales growth rate of more than 20%, seizing more market share in this newly developed country market, which is second only to China, so as to ease after the expiration of the environmental protection point in the second half of next year, The negative impact of negative performance growth caused by insufficient domestic demand in Japan

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