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The application of modern electronic technology and communication technology in truck cranes makes remote monitoring possible on truck cranes. The application of remote monitoring system can greatly improve the safety factor of truck crane and provide favorable conditions for safe construction

(1) regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source. Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis system

remote fault diagnosis is a new equipment fault diagnosis mode combining computer science, communication technology controller and fault diagnosis technology. It is based on gsm/gprs wireless communication network and GPS global positioning system to complete the whole process: extract diagnostic information from the site, process the diagnostic information, collect GPS information, and transmit it to the remote monitoring center through gsm/gprs network. The monitoring center analyzes and diagnoses the monitored information, and then transmits the diagnostic results back to the work site through gsm/gprs network to guide maintenance

remote transmission of signals

in engineering, the wireless communication network is a mobile communication system based on gsm/gprs network. However, compared with GSM, GPRS has many advantages, such as fast transmission speed, forever, large amount of data transmission and charging according to traffic. Therefore, using GPRS communication mode is obviously better than GSM communication mode

The GPS module is used to determine the geographical location information of the equipment that can be widely used in the pendulum impact experiment of plastic, rubber and other materials in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions and quality inspection departments. These 2. The protection and maintenance information of the bellows ring stiffness tester is temporarily stored in the PLC memory, transmitted to the remote monitoring center through GPRS, and the monitoring center monitors its operation status, so as to detect equipment faults in time. Once the manager finds the fault, he will quickly locate the equipment location and the location where the fault occurs, and eliminate the fault in time

at present, there are few domestic construction machinery using GPS global positioning system for production management and remote monitoring. In foreign countries, caterpillar, Leica and Trimble navigation equipment Co., Ltd. can independently provide GPS based truck crane positioning system, which greatly improves the productivity of truck cranes

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