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With the continuous development of the publishing industry, some newspapers with large circulation, such as people's daily, Guangming Daily, economic daily, Titan Sports Weekly, worker, etc., have set up printing stations at home or abroad, with the help of satellite communication, a high technology, The typesetting result documents of the newspaper that are printed on the same day can be quickly transmitted to the printing agency in other places. After receiving the documents, the printing agency can immediately send detailed samples and films, and then develop, print, upload and print. In this way, the same newspaper can be listed in newspaper markets all over the country almost at the same time. At present, there are three methods of version transmission: Satellite version transmission, version transmission and broadband version transmission. The following focuses on the satellite version transmission system

1 satellite version transmission system

1.1 overview

satellite communication is a modern means of communication that has developed rapidly in recent two decades, and satellite version transmission is favored by the newspaper industry because of its few links, high reliability, wide coverage, high-speed MFR higher transmission, and easy expansion

satellite version transmission system consists of communication system and version transmission system. The communication system adopts the world's advanced satellite equipment with reliable performance. The version transfer software runs in the Chinese Windows98 environment, and the operation is intuitive and simple. The whole system has the following characteristics:

① high speed and efficiency of version transmission. The data transmission rate is 128K, and it takes only 1 minute to transmit 1m files by broadcasting

② reliable and safe transmission. It has return verification and ground backup to ensure reliable and safe transmission

③ the investment benefit is obvious. The construction cost of satellite version transmission is low

④ it is convenient and fast to build a station. It only takes two days to build a small station

⑤ simple operation and maintenance. The version transfer software is easy to operate, and the satellite equipment does not need daily maintenance

1.2 system composition

the satellite version transmission system needs to establish a satellite broadcasting master station and multiple receiving stations, which can work in C-band or Ku band

1.3 main station software function system composition

① one way broadcast layout. Select the layout file, determine the receiving station, and send the layout data to all stations at one time

② resend the broadcast page. Select all documents and receiving stations at a certain time of the day, and resend layout documents to avoid omission

③ reissue the layout data package. The small stations that have not received all the layout files will be retransmitted after losing packets

④ broadcast the news. Send messages about the transfer work, and coordinate the sending and receiving of documents between the main station and the small station

⑤ the end of version transmission cannot be known. The master station notifies the small station of the transmission of the page at the end of the transmission every day to ensure the safe reception of the small station

⑥ view the broadcast layout. After sending data to the small station, check the specific transmission records as needed

⑦ check the sending log. It is used to view the daily data transmission and reception of the main station and the small station saved by the system

⑧ receive the small station equipment, and modify the small station name, station number, longitude and latitude, contact person, etc

⑨ small station grouping. It can be used to divide the fixed receiving stations when transmitting the version on behalf of other newspapers, so as to facilitate the operation of transmitting the version

⑩ communication parameter setting: set the sending times, time, path and other parameters

1.4 small station software functions

① view the page reception. Check the reception of the current day's layout at any time, and display the documents received within a specific time period

② check the broadcast message. Check at any time the messages about the transfer work sent by the master station on the current day and in the past, such as the notice of the change of the transfer time

③ check the notice of the end of version transmission. Check the notice of the end of version transfer sent by the master station, and check the layout, time, times and whether there are problems such as packet loss

④ check the log. Check the data transmission and reception between the master station and the small station at any time, and the system can automatically generate the reception log. The key point is that the test of material properties is more controllable

⑤ communication parameter setting. Set parameters such as station number, working time, overtime waiting time, task retention time, etc

2 introduction to version transfer system

the essence of version transfer is general computer data communication, which is divided into several steps:

2.1 file compression

before version transfer, the.S2 file should be compressed, which can save time and cost. In principle, any compression software can be selected for file compression, as long as both the sender and the sender are unified

2.2 use of communication software

now the commonly used communication software is uccom. Before using uccom, you should correctly connect the modem with the computer. Generally, after purchasing a modem, there is a communication line that can be connected with the RS232 serial communication interface of the computer. As long as one end of the data line is inserted into the modem, the other end is inserted into the serial port of the computer, and then the line is inserted into the socket marked with line on the modem, and the outlet of the machine is inserted into the socket marked with phone on the modem, then the program can be entered by connecting the power supply

3 introduction to broadband network version transmission system

general network, due to the limitation of bandwidth, it is difficult to transmit a page containing a large number of pictures and text information to a far place. With the continuous development and improvement of network technology, it has become possible for the printing layout to realize remote transmission through low-cost Internet. First of all, broadband network technology should be introduced into the system before January 12, 2015. Due to the fast broadband transmission speed, it can realize remote plate transmission and remote printing

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