Relying on resource endowment, Tonghua vigorously

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Relying on the resource endowment, Tonghua vigorously promotes the innovation of consumer goods industry

relying on the rich local natural resources, Tonghua consumer goods industry vigorously develops the pharmaceutical and food industries, and has walked out of the development road with regional characteristics. Tonghua is the first "Chinese medicine city" in China and the famous "wine city" in China. Recently, Tonghua was awarded the "three products" strategic demonstration city of consumer goods industry in 2017, injecting new vitality and vigor into the development of Tonghua consumer goods industry under the new situation

Tonghua city is a typical old industrial base in Northeast China. In recent years, the Tonghua municipal Party committee and government, in accordance with the development idea of "strengthening the city by industry and giving priority to industry", focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of consumer goods industry and improving quality and efficiency, implement innovation driven, investment driven, project driven strategies, and strive to expand the total amount, strengthen the leading enterprises, and refine products "Qee-tech technology is designed to make a long industrial chain for mass production of structural components.

the pharmaceutical industry has a solid foundation for development.

Tonghua pharmaceutical industry cluster has been rated as" China's top 100 industrial clusters ", and Tonghua national pharmaceutical high tech Zone is one of the only two high-tech zones named after medicine in China

there are 114 Pharmaceutical Enterprises above Designated Size in the city, including 71 enterprises that produce Chinese patent medicine, 29 heads of Chinese herbal medicine processing enterprises that are widely used in accessories such as shells, leaves and exterior decorations of household appliances, 7 chemical medicine enterprises, 4 enterprises that can produce biological drugs, and 3 manufacturers of veterinary drugs, sanitary materials and pharmaceutical supplies. There are 6 listed companies on the main board, and the pharmaceutical enterprises in the city have been approved by the state to produce 46 dosage forms and 4301 document numbers, accounting for 31% of the pharmaceutical varieties in Jilin Province; There are 1522 kinds of national essential drugs, 135 kinds of domestic exclusive products, 57 kinds of national new drugs, 162 kinds of independent intellectual property rights, 103 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine protected varieties, 1041 kinds of varieties entered the national medical insurance catalogue, and 718 varieties entered the medical insurance catalogue of all provinces

at present, a total of 90 pharmaceutical enterprises in Tonghua have passed the new version of GMP certification. There are 31 high-tech enterprises in the field of medicine and health, accounting for 81.6% of the high-tech enterprises in the city. Eleven pharmaceutical enterprises were rated as the first batch of technology giant enterprises in Jilin Province, accounting for 30% of the medical and health field in Jilin Province. The number of Tonghua pharmaceutical enterprises, the number of listed pharmaceutical enterprises, the number of national pharmaceutical technology centers and the number of salespersons of pharmaceutical enterprises are among the top among prefecture level cities in China

the Jilin provincial government issued the "Implementation Opinions on promoting the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry", which has used more than 50% of the newly increased special funds for the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry for five consecutive years to support the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry in Tonghua pharmaceutical high tech Zone. In 2017, it focused on promoting the construction of medical and health industry projects such as Dongfanghong biomedical American ginseng industrial base, Wantong pharmaceutical's annual output of 4billion Gantong tablets project, Haitong pharmaceutical's modern pharmaceutical industrial park construction project, and the third-party pharmaceutical e-commerce platform, and established the "Jilin Pharmaceutical and edible fungi industry technology innovation strategic alliance" with the amendment pharmaceutical industry as the president unit, together with 45 colleges and universities and key enterprises. Tonghua municipal government and Changchun University of traditional Chinese medicine signed an agreement on "Tonghua teaching area of Changchun University of traditional Chinese medicine" to establish a medical and health vocational college. Tonghua also successfully held 9 activities, including the Tonghua pharmaceutical and health industry development forum, to actively promote the docking and collaborative innovation of university enterprise industry university research cooperation

the food industry in Tonghua has distinctive development characteristics

relying on the rich local natural resources, the food industry in Tonghua has formed food industry sectors such as grain grinding industry with high-quality rice as raw materials, wine manufacturing industry with wild grape as raw materials, nutritional and health food manufacturing industry with ginseng, forest frog and other raw materials, Baijiu manufacturing industry with sorghum and other raw materials, and fruit and nut processing industry with nuts and nuts as raw materials, The products have the regional characteristics of Changbai Mountain. Tonghua also established two provincial-level industrial parks, Liuhe County mountain wine characteristic industrial park and Meihekou nut food industrial park; It has cultivated and expanded two listed companies of Tongpu Co., Ltd. and Tongtian liquor industry, and two time-honored Chinese enterprises of Tongpu Co., Ltd. and daquanyuan liquor industry. It has Tonghua brand, Tongtian brand, daquanyuan brand and other national well-known food brands

in recent years, Tonghua food industry has accelerated the "continuous" development of ginseng, grapes, high-quality rice, forest frogs and other characteristic resources. The city has built 7 standardized production bases for rice, grapes and other national green food raw materials, 17 new demonstration bases for blueberry and other characteristic industries, with a grape planting area of 51600 mu, an annual output of 58000 tons of grapes, a fresh ginseng output of more than 6500 tons, and an area of 20000 mu of soil tested ginseng, There are 7 new "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand raw material bases, and there is a great difference between foreign and domestic fixtures, with a total of 57, ranking first in Jilin Province

at present, Tonghua has successfully held Tonghua wine production area Summit Forum and the 5th anniversary press conference of the Yalu River Valley, the 80th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Tonghua wine Co., Ltd. and participated in the 8th Asian wine quality competition. The products of eight wine enterprises in Tonghua have won 6 gold and 7 Silver. At the first China Tonghua cup world sweet wine competition, Tonghua production area won 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 copper, effectively improving the image of Tonghua wine. At present, there are 62 "three grades and one standard" rice products, 42 enterprises have passed QS certification, 13 enterprises have passed ISO9000 series certification, 34 enterprises have passed organic certification, and 25 enterprises have passed green pollution-free food certification

in terms of ginseng industry, at present, the total number of ginseng processing enterprises in the city has grown to 450, the total number of national leading enterprises has reached 5 (Kangmei, Yisheng, Wantong, Tongtian, Baiquan), and the total number of provincial leading enterprises in Jilin has reached 13. Yisheng, Kangmei, Zixin, Wantong and other 39 enterprises have become key leading enterprises in ginseng processing in Jilin Province. There are four ginseng themed companies in the national A-share listed companies, and Tonghua accounts for three (Kangmei, Yisheng, Zixin), becoming the main body of the ginseng sector. The annual processing scale of fresh ginseng has reached 6500 tons, and its products cover 8 series and more than 600 products, such as food, health products, drugs, cosmetics, etc. 194 kinds of ginseng new resource foods have been developed, and 90 kinds have passed the QS quality system certification, ranking first in Jilin Province. Kangmei needs surgery to take out Xinkaihe. It has developed into the largest ginseng processing enterprise integrating production, processing and marketing in Asia, and its annual output value of molded red ginseng series products reaches 200million yuan. Baiquan ginseng stewed chicken soup series products earned an annual export of 20million US dollars. The sales of three ginseng single products, Yiyang yuanmi-d and Yisheng Shengmai injection and Zhenyuan capsule, have exceeded 200million yuan. Ji'an ginseng modern agricultural industrial park has become the only one in Jilin Province to obtain the certification of the first batch of national modern agricultural industrial parks

the supporting role of innovative services is obvious

Tonghua has been rated as a national intellectual property pilot city, an innovative pilot city in Jilin Province, and named by the Ministry of science and technology as the national Torch Plan Tonghua biomedical characteristic industry base, the national 12th Five Year Plan major new drug creation (incubation) base, and Jilin Tonghua national agricultural science and technology park

the city has established a national science and technology enterprise incubator, three provincial science and technology enterprise incubators, two provincial key laboratories, a professional pilot test center in the pharmaceutical field, and two provincial public technology R & D centers. The first academician zhangboli workstation in Jilin Province aimed at promoting regional scientific and technological innovation has settled in Tonghua pharmaceutical high tech Zone. Relying on key enterprises in the industry, the city has built 44 enterprise technology centers at or above the provincial level (372 in the province), of which 3 enterprises, including amendment, Wantong and Dongbao, have been recognized as national enterprise technology centers (14 in Jilin Province). Tonghua City has the largest number of national enterprise technology centers in medicine among all prefecture level cities in China

the construction of scientific and technological service system has achieved remarkable results. The city has successively built Tonghua scientific and technological literature service platform, Tonghua pharmaceutical technology transfer service platform, Tonghua scientific and technological achievements trading center, Tonghua sub market of Jilin Science and technology market and other innovative service platforms. Tonghua science and technology entrepreneurship service center was successfully promoted to a national enterprise incubator, and an innovation and entrepreneurship base of Tonghua pharmaceutical high tech Zone was established. Tonghua Technology Transfer Center Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation, collecting and publishing more than 1000 latest innovation achievements of colleges and universities to enterprises in the city

in the next step, Tonghua hopes to vigorously promote the development of consumer goods industry in Tonghua by creating a demonstration city, with the theme of accelerating industrial innovation and development, the main line of the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, the center of transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, and the driving force of reform and innovation

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