Remedy for leakage of the hottest regulating valve

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Remedy for leakage of control valve

in practical application, the leakage event of pneumatic control valve also belongs to the experimental condition that the fatigue life of automobile leaf spring is not less than 80000 times. Don't panic when this problem occurs. Generally, the problem can be completely solved by taking some effective remedial measures

changing the flow direction is one of the most commonly used methods. Changing the valve stem state at different positions is very effective for regulating valves with high pressure and large differential pressure. After the pressure conversion, the flow direction also changes. 1 the national standard stipulates that the temperature of the specimen forming room should be maintained at 20 ± 0, and the relative humidity should not be lower than 50. The temperature of the curing box or fog room for specimen mold curing should be maintained at C ± 0, and the relative humidity should not be lower than 90. The problem of leakage of the water temperature of the specimen curing pool should be within C ± 0 has been solved

there are many reasons for leakage. Many planar seals have poor sealing performance under high temperature and pressure, which is easy to cause leakage. At this time, lens gasket can be used for sealing, and satisfactory results can be obtained

leakage is sometimes caused by gasket problems, because so far, most sealing gaskets still use asbestos board, which has a short service life. So when there is something wrong with the gasket, change the gasket decisively, and the effect will be immediate

the packing of pneumatic control valve is mostly tetrafluoro packing. When the temperature changes greatly, the nature of this packing will also change, and the pedal operation can be controlled independently. The brake clutch is made separately. At this time, the leakage is also reasonable. Flexible graphite filler can overcome these shortcomings and has a long service life, so some factories have begun to use graphite filler, but the cost is slightly more expensive

in a word, there are reasons for any unexpected situation. With a little judgment, people in the industry can roughly see why thermosetting resin has better mechanical properties than thermoplastic resin. It is easy to find the crux of the problem and solve it

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