Remember to use the hottest high-power heater

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Remember to use high-power heater

do not place the heater directly next to the power socket, and do not touch the heating elements inside the heater with your hands to avoid danger

do not cover the heater when it is heated. If it is covered, it will overheat the heater· It is not allowed to use a heater in any place with water or humidity. Impact machines such as sinks, bathtubs, swimming pools, etc. can be used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. If water falls on the running heater, it may cause short circuit or leakage of the machine

the heater should be stored in a safe place away from inflammables, and the minimum distance should not be less than 0.5m

do not use it in places full of dust, gasoline, paint thinner and other inflammable and explosive dangerous goods to prevent danger. The production line is generally equipped with man-machine interface operating system

do not use the heater close to curtains, door curtains and textiles to avoid fire

pay special attention to safety when applying heater in places where children and animals often appear

before using the heater, check whether the voltage and current meet the requirements of the machine

the heater must use a socket with grounding, and the wires must meet the requirements. They also very much hope to carry out relevant research on the utilization of polymer based materials in the field of highway construction,

electric shock occurs in an emergency

do not unplug the power cord directly. After turning off the machine, wait for the machine to cool down before unplugging the power

please unplug the power supply when the heater is not applicable

before repairing and maintaining the machine, be sure to unplug the power cord to avoid danger. (end Honeywell spectrum& nbsp; shield& reg; bulletproof materials provide military protection)

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