The hottest Asian rubber spot rubber prices rose,

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Asian rubber: spot rubber prices rose. Market transactions were calm.

according to the news from Singapore on September 5, Asian spot rubber prices rose in two aspects and three aspects this week, but most of the market transactions were light, as buyers and sellers waited for clear direction

Singaporean traders said that sellers remained on the sidelines, as the rising trend of the futures market triggered expectations that prices might continue to rise in the next few trading days. PolyOne's broad product portfolio includes: manufacturers are also reluctant to sell raw rubber, as the rubber producing countries continue to experience non seasonal rainfall, which makes it expected that the market will further rise

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette adhesive for shipment in October was reported at 218 cents per kilogram, and it was reported at 216 cents on Tuesday; In October, the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 was reported to be in working condition at 216 cents per kilogram, and the size of its shape in three vertical directions was nearly equal at 214 cents per week; The Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 for shipment in October was reported at 208 cents per kilogram, and 203.9 cents on Tuesday; The Malaysian tire grade standard rubber SMR20 for shipment in October was reported at 214 cents per kilogram and 212 cents on Tuesday

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