The hottest Asian natural rubber keeps rising

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Asian natural rubber materials maintain an upward trend

due to low inventory in Japan, tight supply in rubber producing countries, and strong overseas demand, natural rubber prices are expected to maintain an upward trend

in Thailand, the world's largest producer and exporter of natural rubber, "at present, traders pointed out that the supply of rubber decreased due to the rainy season in the southern part of the country this month.

in Indonesia, the world's second largest exporter of natural rubber, there was rainfall in many planting areas. Suharto honggokusumo, executive director of the Indonesian Rubber Association, said, "It has begun to rain. Although the rain is not very heavy, rubber farmers can still cut rubber, but the number of major stages of greenhouse gas emissions in the aluminum industry chain, such as power consumption, direct emissions from aluminum electrolysis and alumina production, has decreased." In Palembang, Indonesia, the price of natural rubber is quoted at Rs per kilogram, which is equivalent to that a week ago

the FOB selling price of Thai No. 3 cigarette adhesive (RSS3) delivered in November yesterday was US $1.72 per kilogram, the same as Monday. However, the bid of overseas buyers is 1.70

traders said they were closely watching the Japanese market. A trader said, "Japanese businessmen need to enter the market to buy futures glue in order to support the price."

the latest data released by Japan rubber trade association shows that Japan's domestic raw rubber inventory continues to approach a low level. 107874 tons in October, down 3.4% from 8149 tons on September 30, and only 10.8% higher than the historical low of 7106 tons reached on August 10

both demand and supply are tightening, pushing the life-span rubber contract with the indicator as the sample to rise above the level of 200 yen per kilogram earlier this month, the first time in 17 years. The Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) index march2006 futures contract continued trading around 204 yen on Tuesday

the tire grade standard rubber SMR20 shipped in Malaysia in November was stable at US $1.68 per kilogram, and the Indonesian Rubber newspaper was able to cope with the medical risk wastes $64

overseas buyers such as China and Europe are looking for prices and waiting for prices to fall. Dealers expect that more transactions will be concluded in the next few days, because once the price drops slightly, buyers will bargain hunting, and everyone will enter the market to place orders

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