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The Asian packaging center will be located in Zhejiang Province. Recently, the first China International Packaging Summit was held in Beijing. The experimental machine was often moved along with the project. The meeting discussed the requirements of China Packaging B. on fixture materials: how to integrate the packaging industry into the tide of economic globalization, give play to comparative advantages, participate in international division of labor, and enter the ranks of packaging powers

after China's accession to the WTO, how to make China's packaging industry, including the building materials industry, bigger, stronger and better, has become an urgent problem for China's packaging industry. To this end, the relevant departments have joined forces. At present, the overall planning of the Asian packaging center has been completed and can not achieve the expected results, and the leading group and Preparatory Committee of the Asian packaging center are being established. At the same time, the Asian Packaging Co., Ltd. is being established. The president of the World Packaging Organization believes that the establishment of the Asian packaging center in Zhejiang, China will greatly promote and demonstrate the development of the packaging industry in China, Asia and the world in the future

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