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The Asian plastic raw material market is generally sluggish

pe - the Asian market expects that the peak season of Chinese agricultural film is coming, the demand will increase, and the market is slightly active. LDPE: the price basically remained stable at USD/ton (CFR China). LLDPE: manufacturers in the Middle East and Taiwan quote us dollars/ton (CFR China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia), and bid us $590/ton (CFR China). HDPE: plastic injection USD/T CFR China; Membrane material USD/T CFR China; Hollow material USD/ton CFR Southeast Asia/Far East. The domestic market has risen steadily, and the market prices in various regions have been reflected in varying degrees. Individual manufacturers have also immediately raised the factory prices. Although the market is relatively stable, the trading volume is still small. LDPE: Yanshan product 1c7a fell back. Shanghai Petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical and Lanzhou Petrochemical transferred their factory prices up by yuan/ton. LLDPE: it can remain stable after falling, and the low-level buying is more obvious. Zhongyuan ethylene, which determines the trend of LLDPE, has improved in sales at low prices. The domestic ex factory price ranges from RMB yuan/ton, and only Lanzhou Petrochemical Company transfers out the ex factory price. HDPE: the low-pressure medium drawing material and film material are better, and the injection plastic is still at a low level, and some even fall. At present, the market seems to have a rebound in place, and the probability of future market correction is high. It is expected to move towards 3. Domestic initiative: the electronic handwheel control is a small correction - stabilizing - the market rises slightly in autumn

pp - the market price in the Asian market rose slightly. The prices of homopolymer PP in the Middle East and India are relatively low. In USD/ton (CFR China's main port), the price of BOPP is in USD/ton CFR, and the price difference between copolymer PP and homopolymer PP is gradually narrowing. The domestic market is still falling slowly, but subtle changes have taken place. Although the wire drawing material is falling, the price of CO injection plastic is rising. Market participants believe that the price is basically in place, and the rise of plastic injection may become a signal for the improvement of other varieties. Wire drawing materials: the preferential wholesale prices of Luoyang Petrochemical and Zhongyuan ethylene are as low as 5500 yuan/ton and 5600 yuan/ton, impacting the domestic market. BOPP materials: the ex factory price of domestic materials is mostly in yuan/ton, which is 50 yuan/ton lower than that of last week. Copolymerization injection plastics: the ex factory price of domestic materials is still at yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton. Powder: the price fell slightly, and the mainstream price was RMB/ton, down 100 yuan/ton compared with the previous period. At present, the market price is stable and falling. The market has basically reached a turning point. The rebound of the market is waiting for the support of positive factors. If there are no positive factors, the market may fluctuate at the bottom. With the expansion of demand, the market will change the current declining trend. It is expected that the future market will be mainly stable

pvc - Asian market prices remain low. The quotations in local spot markets are: CFR China USD/ton; The price of CFR in Taiwan showed signs of increase, especially in the Southern markets such as Guangzhou. Due to the increase of downstream goods, the price began to increase. The increase range was basically about 100 yuan/ton, and the transaction price has risen to 5000 yuan/ton. From the analysis of the overall situation of the market, the domestic market has just entered a relatively stable stage, and the overall rise still needs to be stimulated by hd=100- l/0.025 positive factors. It is expected that the market price will still be dominated by consolidation in the near future

abs - although Christmas orders have been placed in the Asian market, the market is still depressed and the market resistance is huge. In the first ten days of August, Korean manufacturers offered 770 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port) or 780 US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). Buyers were not interested. Generally, the counter-offer was US dollars/ton (CFR China). Last week, the domestic ABS market continued to decline as expected. Although the ex factory prices of major manufacturers did not report that the exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of the 2.3 experimental machine should have low protective installation, under the arrangement of manufacturer's preferential measures, traders still easily got products with lower settlement prices, and the actual purchase cost decreased by yuan/ton. The overhaul of Panjin Ethylene Plant has already been completed, but under the current market, the factory decided to postpone the start-up and production. The production date of some projects has also been postponed. This week, the decline of ABS market will be eased, but the market resistance is still very huge, and the future market is not optimistic

ps - Asian market prices hover at a low level. The price quoted by Taiwan sellers for GPPS is 550 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong), and the price quoted for hips is 570 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong), but no big deal has been reached. The domestic market price is slowly falling under pressure, and the manufacturer's large-scale parking and maintenance plan has failed to bring any turnaround to the market. Last week, the ex factory prices of some manufacturers were lowered, and the prices of Yanhua were lowered continuously. At present, the GPPS is 5700 yuan/ton. At present, the petrochemical industry is in an extremely depressed situation. The weak tourism from 2015 to 2016 has led to the decline of oil prices, and the good news of production reduction is difficult to change the general trend. Some people also believe that it is normal for the oil price not to rise because the real production reduction date has not yet come, and the oil price will not be affected until the production reduction date. This week's market is still not optimistic. As some manufacturers resumed driving in early August, the market supply and demand situation has not changed significantly, and the market demand is still difficult to digest the inventory in the current market. The future market is mainly stable, but there is still the possibility of decline

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