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Asia pallet system Federation (apsf) was established in Tokyo, Japan on June 8 in order to promote pallet standardization and container unitization in Asian countries, so as to improve the efficiency of logistics system, promote trade growth and effectively save resources. Kazuo Okada, President of Japan tray Association, was elected as president. Professor wuqingyi and linyinkui served as vice presidents. Relevant associations in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines sent representatives to the inaugural meeting

at the inaugural meeting, apsf announced that the Asian intermodal pallet standard was 1.1m × 1.1m and 1m × 1.2m. The introduction of this standard has provided a unified standard for the tray sharing system in Asia with China, Japan and South Korea as the core. This is not only a realistic and pragmatic step in the cooperation among the logistics circles of China, Japan and the ROK, but also a concrete embodiment of the implementation of economic cooperation among Asian countries after the Asian 10+3 summit

the establishment of the Asian tray system alliance has been brewing for many years. In the context of economic globalization, the governments of China, Japan and the ROK and people from all walks of life attach great importance to the development of the Northeast Asian economic circle. In recent years, the international trade volume between China, Japan and South Korea has increased significantly every year, which has led to the rapid increase of cargo flow. In order to reduce international logistics costs and speed up logistics, it is necessary to establish a common pallet circulation system between countries as soon as possible, and the common pallet circulation system needs to be established on the basis of pallet standardization. In recent years, China, Japan and South Korea have increasingly deepened their discussions on the project cooperation of pallet standardization and the establishment of pallet sharing system, which has been supported by the governments of the three countries

at present, it is possible to turn the large-scale recycling of PLA plastic waste into a profitable and profitable business. Through the establishment of joint ventures or production bases in China, Japan and South Korea have established their own pallet sharing systems. However, China's own shared system has not yet been established. The tray standards selected for China's tray sharing system are also under discussion. The Asian intermodal pallet standard launched by the Asian pallet system alliance is of great significance for China to determine the intermodal pallet standard and establish a pallet sharing system. It also lays a foundation for China to build a pallet sharing system with Asian countries

information source: China pallet information

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