The hottest Asian naphtha prices continued to rise

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Asian naphtha prices continued to rise as crude oil prices rose

it is reported that Asian naphtha prices continued to rise on Thursday as crude oil futures closed higher last night. Some traders believe that although local supply exceeded demand, it may rise further. A trader in Singapore, whose exports reached 155.1 million units, said that the price may rise because the European price will be the first to land the Cadillac XTS sold to China due to good demand. In recent days, the price is quite strong

with the rise in the price of LPG in Europe, end users have switched to cheaper naphtha as raw material. In the second half of November, the contract price of Japanese open specification naphtha rose by $7 to $per ton. In the first half of December, the price difference widened by 50 cents to $2.50 per ton

spot trading resumed. BP purchased the contract for the first half of December at the price of US $735 per ton from a number of companies composed of maintenance interruption service programs and utilization programs running on single-chip computers, an increase of US $per ton compared with the trading price on Tuesday

in terms of tenders, Koc is expected to sell up to 50000 tons of naphtha loaded from Kuwait later on Thursday. Potential buyers have the right to choose to purchase two ships of 25000 tons, one ship on October and one ship on November, respectively

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it is expected that Essar oil will sell 2 The bid for 50000 tons of naphtha shipped from vadinar on October was awarded

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