The hottest Asian plastic market is in a stalemate

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The Asian plastic market is in a stalemate

the confidence of the PE market in Southeast Asia continues to decline because the price intention from the sellers is falling. As the seller intends to get rid of the burden of inventory, the private offer price to the end user has been reduced by 10-20 dollars/ton. The seller chengxinlun composite will become the largest manufacturer of aluminum-plastic film for lithium batteries in China. It seems unlikely that a new round of price increases will begin. This is because the inventory is too large. Now it is mainly controlled in China. Most end users will return to the market in September. Often, due to the deadlock in the market, the trend of PP price is uncertain. The buyer complained about the lack of supply and the high offer price. However, the seller is under the pressure of high raw material cost. Although the inventory of buyers is low, they are hesitant about the current safe and reliable price of USD 630-650 per ton CIF Asia, because they believe that the market will decline soon. PS prices rose slightly this week, and styrene prices have been strong in the past few weeks, which prompted sellers to raise their offer prices. However, due to the limited orders for finished products, PS consumer users are not eager to buy, but buy as you use. The offer price of general grade PS is as high as US $800 per ton CIF Hong Kong/China. This week, the ABS offer price was raised to $1000 CFR Northeast Asia, and the seller tried to absorb the rising cost of raw materials by raising the price. In the past two weeks, the price of styrene has risen rapidly, prompting manufacturers to raise prices to maintain gross profit. On the demand side, consumer users continue to postpone purchases because of the lack of orders for finished products. In the PVC market, the difficulties that began to appear this week made the Chinese market unwilling to accept the price rise. Because of the resistance to raising prices, the sales volume of the sellers is limited. Most buyers bid between $600 and $605. Chengdu recommends this CIF based on our technology. In China, there is a fundamentally fixed chuck Market in changing the tester body. Recently, the price has dropped by about 100 yuan to 6100 yuan per ton for ex works delivery

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