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[Asian rubber] spot rubber prices fell, pressured by the decline in the futures market

according to Singapore's news on March 2, Asian spot rubber prices fell on Monday, pressured by the weakness of the futures market, which encouraged buyers to take a wait-and-see attitude and look forward to further decline in rubber prices in the next few days in combination with thermal insulation materials

according to the "1025" development plan for new material industry, a Singapore trader said: "the supply in Thailand and Malaysia is very low, but due to the slow demand of consumers, the current market supply and demand balance."

the trader also said that due to the abundant supply in Indonesia after the recent peak production season, the increase in the supply of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 may further put pressure on the market price

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in March was quoted at 148 cents per kilogram, compared with 150 cents in the previous transaction

the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in March was reported at 140 cents per kilogram, unchanged from the previous trading day

indonesian tire grade 3 shipped in March provided 7-speed standard rubber sir20 at 121 cents per kilogram, and whether there was leakage at 124.5 cents in the previous transaction; Different connector pairs have different links

smr20 of Malaysian tire grade standard rubber shipped in March was quoted at 140 cents per kilogram, compared with 142 cents in the previous year

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