The decorator steals the gold bracelet of the fema

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On April 1, Xiongzhou police station of Liuhe Public Security Bureau received an alarm from Ms. Zhou that a gold bracelet worth 13000 yuan disappeared after the decoration workers cleaned the room at home

it is understood that early that morning, Ms. Zhou and the decoration company agreed that two wall shovelers would come home to renovate the bedroom. During the emptying process, the workers helped carry furniture and tidy up odds and ends. At 10 a.m., Ms. Zhou found that her 13000 yuan gold bracelet had disappeared when she was counting valuables. After the police investigation, it was the worker Liu who stole the bracelet

Liu explained that when helping Ms. Zhou clean the wardrobe, he put the bracelet together with the box into his coat pocket and continued to shovel the wall. Afraid of being found, he also took the opportunity to sneak into the public toilet next to the community under the excuse of going downstairs to dump decoration garbage and hid a pair of gold bracelets in a cement square box welded on the floor of the men's toilet. Liu's behavior has been suspected of theft. Later, due to his good attitude of pleading guilty and taking the initiative to return the property, the public security organ handled the compulsory measures of obtaining a guarantor pending trial according to law. (all the characters in the text are pseudonyms)

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