Shuian Xingcheng spicy mom 100000 smart clothes, 2

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Decoration owner's file: Decoration community: Shuian Xingcheng decoration house type: 2 rooms and 1 hall decoration area: 89 square meters decoration style: fashionable and simple decoration cost: 100000 decoration companies: 3 decoration companies make plans (decoration bidding, decoration map)

this decoration case is the final decoration effect drawing of a post-80s couple located on Shuian. The overall style is fashionable and simple, the decoration area is 89 square meters, and the decoration method: half package; The decoration cost is 100000 yuan. Send a basic positioning house type map before decoration

after a hard decoration process, it was finally completed. The 89 square meter house cost nearly 100000 yuan to decorate. Beautiful living room, fashionable and simple style

the dining room and the living room are all very fashionable. I like it very much





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