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The word scholarly family has always been used to describe the cultural cultivation and connotation of a family, which has a good taste. Now there is a kind of floor called scholarly family. This "scholarly family" has been embodied. Does it also have the taste of conceptual scholarly family that gives people respect? Now I will introduce to you how about the scholarly family floor

I. how about scholarly flooring

scholarly Flooring Co., Ltd. is a Sino US joint venture, headquartered in Shanghai, and its main brand is scholarly flooring. Shuxiangmendi takes the lead in integrating the concept of aesthetics into the production and manufacturing of flooring, making the flooring endowed with aesthetic value rather than simple floor decoration. It is a leading professional manufacturer of solid wood composite flooring in China

the company has three world-class production lines, and has also introduced a full precision 1.3m wide roller coating paint production line from Spain, which is leading in China. Scholarly family advocates “ Meineng value-added ” Our product concept is the world's leading aesthetic flooring expert

II. Quotation of scholarly flooring

the following is the quotation of some scholarly flooring products, You can refer to:

product quotation of bookish flooring

type, model, specification, price

elm flooring v009 910*127*15/2mm 636 yuan/flat

Fenghua flooring k8020 910*127*15/2mm 699 yuan/flat

Fenghua flooring old carpenter 004 910*127*15/2mm 999 yuan/flat

elm flooring Casablanca 018 910*127*15/2mm 1099 yuan/flat

. oak floor dream song 005 910*127*15/2mm 1018 yuan/flat

oak Floor Venice light and shadow 910*127*15/2mm 1236 yuan/flat

elm floor octagonal elm 2 305*222*15/2mm 1518 yuan/flat

beech floor k8027 910*127*15/2mm 868 yuan/flat

mahogany floor Kaya neem 01 1210*148*15/2mm 836 yuan/flat

oak floor oak 02 1210*148*15/2mm 799 yuan/flat

solid wood floor Olympic Games D1 1860*190*15/3.5-4mm 1468 yuan/square meter





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