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As a storage furniture, the storage capacity of the wardrobe is updated very quickly. We need to store the wardrobe scientifically and reasonably, as well as a wardrobe with strong storage function

in contemporary society, "Storage" Become a hot topic

more and more people want to make the space at home spacious

so more and more multi-functional furniture began to appear

wardrobe as a storage furniture

the updating of storage capacity is also very rapid

especially for some friends who have little space at home

every time they are anxious to go out, they are particularly upset

what to find is not found

at this time, it needs to be carried out scientifically and reasonably Wardrobe Storage

at this time, we need a wardrobe with strong storage function

so today, let's talk about the internal structure of the wardrobe

roughly part of the overall space

we should follow living habits and clothing characteristics

there are four rules

less partitions, more functional drawers, large hanging area, elastic space

in addition to these, It should also be divided according to family relations

for example, most young people's wardrobes like to hang clothes

so there is more space in the hanging area

the elderly are reluctant to throw away clothes they can't wear

they like to fold them up

so more partitions are needed to create a folding storage area

age division

- 01 young people

the simpler the life of young people is, the better, You can see what you want to wear at a glance without wasting time and energy searching. Wardrobes like this are generally indomitable, and the top layer is used to put rarely used quilts, suitcases and bags. The main function of the wardrobe is to maximize the storage of clothes, whether using shelves or drawers. Anyway, as long as the space can be well designed, a wardrobe is a cloakroom

― 02 old people ―

old people want to keep everything. Old clothes are memories. Naturally, there should be more partitions in the wardrobe for convenient storage. Because it is inconvenient for the elderly to squat down and get up, the lowest part can be designed as a hanging area, and the partition and folding area are set in the middle of the wardrobe to facilitate the elderly to take clothes

― 03 children ―

the height growth of children should be considered in the design of children's wardrobe. Removable partitions can be set inside. They can be removed at any time according to the length of clothes, but the removal point may become a little ugly. So many parents usually design according to adults' wardrobes, and then buy some storage boxes to put into the cabinets

functional division

― 01 long clothes area/short clothes area ―

right long clothes area/left short clothes area

each space in the long clothes area should try to meet the length requirements of clothes, and the height of the long clothes area should not be less than 1300mm

the short clothes in the short clothes area include tops and suits, and the height is not less than 800mm

― 02 pants hanging area ―

the height of pants hanging area is generally set between 650mm and 700mm, which is enough. If the family is particularly tall, it can be increased appropriately

― 03 stacking area ―

the stacking area is wide and narrow. Calculated by the width of clothing folding, the width is 330-400mm, the height is more than 350mm, and the distance between the upper and lower layers is 400-600mm

― 04 elastic area ―

elastic area is also called storage area, which is to place infrequent items. As mentioned before, the height of the quilt storage area is generally more than 400mm

personality needs division

-- 01 pants pumping

like some suit pants, in order to avoid wrinkles, with such pants pumping, you don't have to take them out again and iron them every time you wear them

― 02 lattice pumping ―

such small lattices are what we call lattice pumping, which is used to place neckties and underwear small items

― 03 rotating frame ―

rotating frame rotating frame is usually placed in the corner area. In order to avoid the dead corner design of the wardrobe, it also maximizes the use of space

― 04 rotating mirror ―

the bedroom is too small to put clothes mirrors. It is much convenient to set a rotating mirror in the wardrobe. It can be put back into the wardrobe directly after use, which saves trouble




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