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CONFUSING and dangerous times. We received an email from a British man who had been planning to travel to Mallorca to buy a home but was turned back at a British airportStopping car theft: Data port covers. The law was on his side, well at least on the British side. Under the new British travel regulations you can travel to buy or rent a home in a foreign countryre sensitive to stepping o.

It is one of the few exemptions. But of course the story doesn′t end herewith most people having gone through several stage of restrictions. According to the British government this man could travel but, according to the Spanish government, not to SpainI am extremely infuriated b. British citizens, unless they are resident of Spain, can′t travel here at the moment. We had another man contact us, who had been turned back at a British airport.

His family are residents of Mallorca but he is not, so he was not allowed to board his flight and missed his son′s birthday. Different countries have different travel regulations. It is best to check both sides of the story before booking a flight. We have heard a number of different stories of people being refused entry into Spain for a variety of reasons.

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